E-PrescriptionPad HealthCare Software



<li>100% Safe,first rate,error free Prescription Writing Facility</li>
<li>70,000+ Records of Drug,Brand & Disease information of Indian,USA & UK Pharmacopeia</li>
<li>Complete Drug Informations with Indications, Contra-Indications, Drug Safety, Dosage,substtutes,drug Group etc. </li>
<li>Brand Information with trade name, manufacturer, dosage, substitutes, group name etc. </li>
<li>Search Drug / Brand by name, Indication/ formulation, dosage, substitutes, group name etc. </li>
<li>Add / Manage Drug, Brand or Disease database. </li>
<li>Diseases Information & Diseases Treatment Tip. </li>
<li>Drug safety alerts at individual Diseases level like in case of G6PD, PORPHYRIA, and HYPERTENSION etc. </li>
<li>Drug restrictions warning / alerts for specified conditions like:-Pregnancy, Lactation, Elderly etc. </li>
<li>Warning / alerts during treatment writing if you by mistake have chosen some anti-diabetic or anti-cancer brand while your patient is not suffering from either. </li>
<li>Automatic Interaction / Adverse reaction warning / alerts while prescribing</li>
<li>Alternative medicines / Brand Substitute, Formulation of selected drugs </li>
<li>Automatic advised investigation for diagnosed diseases while prescribing. </li>
<li>Search patient record /details by name, Id, date of visit etc. </li>
<li>Automatic Patient History (Past / Personal / Family) Alerts & Security </li>
<li>Automatic Patient Allergy alerts </li>
<li>Value added features like: – Cardiac Risk Factor calculator (CHD), BMI Calculator and Child Growth Calculator </li>
<li>Appointment & Task management on Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly basis </li>
<li>Stored Images or Capture / Scan new Images with Prescriptions. </li>
<li>Images Comparison facility of different time lines </li>
<li>Readymade Prescriptions / Templates</li>
<li>Hand outs – Educational / Disease / Diet Chart/ Exercises in English & Hindi Both. </li>
<li>Medical Certificates</li>
User defined customized criteria on Plain or Print stationary


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