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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Driver’s Head-To-Head Encounter With Hippo Didn’t End So Well

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Hippos: They’re adorable, rotund monsters, yet you would prefer not to get on their awful side.

A South African driver took in this the most difficult way possible when a hippo clashed with his pickup truck close to a scaffold.

Video catching his shocking experience demonstrates the bathtub-sized creature hurrying for the front of the man’s pickup, smashing it like tin thwart.

“I prepared myself as I understood he wouldn’t stop,” driver Wilus Ceronie, 26, told Latest Sightings of Friday’s near disaster. “He hit the [truck] head on and after that took a stab at gnawing it. I figure after that he chose he had won since he recently pivoted and left.”

Ceronie said he had completed his first day working in Mozambique when he had the unfortunate keep running in driving back to South Africa.

He said he thought the hippo might be resigned with individuals, since he saw a couple strolling around outside his truck, and stopped to film the animal on his cellphone.

Hippos, while lovable looking, are viewed as a standout amongst the most unsafe and forceful well evolved creatures on the planet. Notwithstanding having gigantic teeth that can achieve 20 creeps long, they’re equipped for energizing to 14 mph ashore and are known to murder individuals in the event that they feel incited or undermined, by San Diego Zoo.

Ceronie seemed to see precisely what a near fiasco he had.

“Despite the fact that there was harm done to the hat of my vehicle and the entryway couldn’t open, I’m appreciative there were no genuine wounds toward the end of day,” he told Latest Sightings.

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