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Dress Yourself to the Nines with These Halloween Costumes Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, but you still have a couple of weeks to go to plan the perfect spooky or hilarious getup. Even if you’re spending this year at home having zoom parties, it’s no excuse to tone down your outfit. Instead, you must go extra to give your monotonous stay-at-home days an exciting change. 

From choosing terrifying attires to comical ones, there’s a range of selections you can choose from and make yourself the star of the event. To win the best costume this year, here are Halloween ideas you can try.

Transform Into a Netflix Character

Netflix shows served as everyone’s source of comfort and entertainment during extended lockdown periods. Most people are well-acquainted with characters from the franchise. You can select from various options, including Money Heist’s red jumpsuit and mask, the retro style of Stranger Things, or Bridgerton‘s Victorian wardrobe. 

Dress as This Year’s Number One Villain

It can be your country’s government officials or the coronavirus itself, you can bring delight to your virtual parties by poking fun at those mentioned above. Since these are primarily original fits, you’ll have to brush up on your crafting skills and use materials that can help you resemble your chosen character. 

Go Literal

Pun costumes are easy to do but are sure to be a hit during themed parties. With witty remarks or sayings, you can go down the literal road by cleverly coordinating your outfit. For example, you can be a French toast by styling yourself in a stereotypical French person getup while lagging around a toast to complete the look.    

It’s Never Too Old for Vintage

Fairies, spiderweb ladies, and witches are the most common costumes for a vintage Halloween look. Nevertheless, you can also transform yourself into an iconic French monarch like Marie Antoinette and be the star of the show. Accessorizing using luxurious ornaments from your trusted jewelers can complete this style. To enhance your look further, going all out with a big wig and outlandish makeup can add more dramatic flair.

Recreate Your Childhood Costumes

As a kid, you might’ve gone trick or treating in a store-bought scarecrow or princess costume. But now that you have the option of spicing up your fit, you can recreate childhood looks and add more details. For example, you might have gone as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in the past. You can give justice to the iconic character by creating an outfit with finer details and finishing it off with glimmering red heels. 

Coordinate with Your Background

Being in sync with the place also helps accentuate your outfit, but if the party’s location does not go well with your costume, you can bring your own background. Halloween is probably the only time of the year that you can go utterly ostentatious without meriting ugly comments. It’s only fitting that you choose the unconventional way. For instance, you can dress as Van Gogh’s The Scream painting by dressing up as the art’s focal point and bringing along the trademark background. 

Become a Meme

Although this holiday mainly celebrates the dead, you can still be funny by donning hilarious meme-inspired costumes. Instead of going to parties as a traditional spooky persona, you can go as an amusing character instead. There are so many funny memes you can choose from this year. That includes Bernie Sander’s viral cross-legged pose and Kim Kardashian’s strikingly similar to a dementor outfit at the Met Gala. 

Get Real Spooky

Of course, you can still choose to stay faithful to the season’s true meaning, which is to be as frightening as you can be. As mentioned above, it’s the one day of the year that you can go overboard with your outfit. You should avoid going lukewarm at all costs on your scary attire. To fully honor this month, you can create a terrifying ensemble complete with fearsome makeup or take inspiration from iconic horror movie characters. These can be IT‘s Pennywise, The Conjuring‘s Annabelle, and the creatures in A Quiet Place

Create a Team or Go as a Couple

If you have a friend or a significant other who’s more than game in creating a coordinating outfit with you, then that’s another idea you can build on. There are plenty of famous pairs and groups throughout history that you and your friends or partner can dress as. But the most important thing is to get even the minuscule of details down. This way, party-goers can tell who you guys are at a glance. Some ideas you can use are the gang from Stranger Things, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, or KimYe.  

Before Christmas and bidding this year goodbye, you can close the curtains with a bang by dressing to the nines. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or flaunting your getup in zoom parties, you can make the event more enjoyable by cladding yourself in a show-stopping ensemble.

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