Do you see yourself as a boss and is it always the best idea?


Like most people who do well in life, you’ll demonstrate, passion, commitment, and a competency that excels within your given job role. If you demonstrate these skills over a given period of time in the same job, then this will usually result in a managerial promotion. As the old saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility, and usually a great salary. However, one question to ask is, is the added pressures of becoming a manager always worth the pay rise. By becoming a manager, it can often be a lonely place, so often, it’s hard to remain part of the team when you’re telling the team what to do.

The leadership development specialist, Impact International, has taken care of this often difficult predicament. By crunching the numbers for you, this makes the decision to become a manager that little bit easier.

Becoming the manager of a bar

Whether you’re a student, looking for your first job, or looking to getting back into work after a long period of absence, bar work is a great place to start looking. You’ll be earning a relatively low wage, usually about £14,665 – as this work is usually on a temporary basis and is rarely full time.

If you love the industry, and enjoy being sociable behind the bar while providing an excellent service, bar managers can earn £24,000 annually; this is a pay rise of £9,335, for a job that only requires GCSEs, this is more than reasonable for anybody looking to make a good living fast.

The National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders will be needed if you would like to become a manager, and you can get this from the British Institute of Innkeepers. Once you have this, then you’ll have a ‘Personal License’; however, this is dependent upon extenuating circumstances such as a background and criminal record check. Remember that this isn’t without costs, the license will cost £37, and it will be £25 for a CRB check.

Managing within recruitment

Recruitment is always a great starting point for any worker with a degree; this is because starting salaries begin at £25,000 and can increase depending upon earnable commissions.

With a pay increase of £17,500, if you are able to direct the right employee to the right employer, then you could be earning £42,500 as a recruitment manager. However, this may be a difficult line of employment to enter if you don’t have a degree. A candidate needs five GCSEs at A* to C, three A-levels and a degree. Don’t worry if you don’t have these academic qualifications, there are many apprenticeships and other working practices that may allow you to enter recruitment management.

Being your own boss as a personal trainer

Personal trainers are in a unique situation where they are their own boss, and they can gain more money depending on the amount of clients they train. If you’d like to make up the rules as you go, and manage your own time and earnings, then this is the career move for you. Your earnings can increase depending on the type of clients you train and where you train them, but you’ll need your level 3 training certificate if you wish to progress in this way. However, you’ll need to figure out whether you want to pay a gym to use their facilities in order to train your clients.


Sales can often generate large profits when working over the telephone, in a business to business capacity, or working face to face. This type of work is a good career move if you wish to earn high commission rates and you aren’t highly qualified. In this type of role, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a degree, but remember, you will have to be more qualified if you wish to progress to management level.

Starting salaries are reasonable in sales and usually start at £27,000 per year. Undoubtedly, the money is in management, as a regional sales manager earns £37,500, which is an increase of £10,500! What’s even better is that you can, if you work hard, gain more money depending upon commission rates.

Working in IT

By working with a range of various clients, IT development is a fast growing, dynamic, and exciting career opportunity for anyone with digital acumen. Developers can earn multiple revenue streams by designing websites and apps for a range of different clients. Developers can earn £37,500 per year. If you don’t have a degree then you best start learning code if this sounds like your type of career; however, if you have a degree in computer science then this will put you at an advantage.

Working in the digital sector can also mean a better income if you become a manager; this is because you’ll earn £47,500 if you’re able to oversee a team of digital designers and app builders.


A nurse’s pay scale depends upon the band that they work within. Band six workers can earn a reasonable amount of money, between £21,909 and £28,462. If your passion for the job extends further than looking after others, then you could become a nurse team manager. In light of this, you’ll receive a pay rise of up to £12,911 – earning between £31,383 and £41,373.


By working in a fast paced, exciting, and challenging environment, you could easily earn a living wage as a marketing executive. Salaries usually begin at £27,000, and this depends upon whether you’ll be working for an agency or as part of an in-house marketing team.

Managers can earn £37,500; people who are always looking to the future, can think of innovative solutions, and see the bigger picture, are perfect within marketing management.

Human Resources

As a HR assistant, you’ll be responsible for hiring and firing people on regular basis, and this can at times become a difficult task. However, your effort is worth the money, as you’ll earn around £23,000. If you become a HR manager you will be rewarded for the extra responsibilities that you’ll need to take on; you may earn an extra £9,500 annually depending on working circumstances.

Not everything is covered her

Working life if never easy, often difficult, and is never certain; however, one thing is certain, and this is that there is always the right job out there for you. A management level career is often a difficult thing to achieve, but with the right mind-set and attitude, anything is possible, and you may even earn more money along the way!

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