DIY Wedding? Here’s How Self Storage Can Help


When you’re planning a wedding, you usually need extra space. Here we look at key reasons self storage is the perfect solution for the extra space required during this special time.

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Yay! This is so exciting, you have plenty to think about right now. It is such a lovely time, with everyone coming together to celebrate your love.

If you, like many are planning your own wedding, it is likely you’re also working on a lot of the DIY wedding aspects yourself. Which is where organisation comes in. It gets complicated pretty quickly right? Which is why we recommend you rent a storage unit to help you during the planning process. It will really, really help you. Read on to find out how:

Keep Decorations Safe And Out Of The Home

Any decorations you are making, or have ordered in cheaply, can be protected in self storage. No little hands or paws will find them and accidentally damage them. You will also save space in your home, so you can still catch a break from the chaos when you need to. Climate controlled self storage will keep all your wedding supplies in good condition, safe and secure until you need them. You could even do some of the craft in your unit if you wanted to. Just make sure you label everything properly!

Put Big Wedding Items In Storage

It may be that you got an amazing deal on loads of chairs, or you bought high quality plastic flower displays on bulk. Whatever you have that will not fit in your home, keep in self storage.That way is is safe, and you won’t have to perform complex yoga moves every time you want to get to the kitchen.

Put Items From Your Home In Storage

You may need to do the reverse of the above tips and actually clear out your home for the wedding. It may be because you have limited time and need lots of crafting space. Or perhaps your home will be part of your reception. You might be having it at your parent’s home or friends home, and they need space clearing. So basically you need extra space, quickly. To make room for guests, decorations or partying space, relocate items to a personal self-storage unit – compare self storage prices at a facility near you to get the best deal.

House Items After The Wedding

After the wedding you may have gifts and decorations with nowhere to go just yet. We recommend moving them straight to a self storage unit so you can visit and sort in your own time, maybe after the honeymoon and a few weeks of enjoying newly married life. It is also excellent to store your wedding dress or suit, as long as you protect it properly.

Use It For Honeymoon Security

You might want to use it to store expensive items from your home as well, for the honeymoon if you take it straight after you get married. When you go on holiday it can be worrying thinking about people breaking into your home at the best of times, let alone when you’ve on your honeymoon and you just want to focus on your new husband or wife. So make the most of self storage with its optimum security, climate control, CCTV, various lock systems and lighting, plus cheap rates, you can’t go wrong really.

Happy planning!

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