DIY Secrets That Can Stretch Your Wedding Budget


Many couples have found their big day being postponed due to Covid-19. However, with new rules being announced regularly, those who have weddings later in the year and into next could still have the day they dream of. That being said, for those who weren’t super organised, they could find that they struggle to pay for everything. As of May 2020, there had been approximately 8.4 million jobs furloughed in the UK. Therefore, many employees weren’t receiving their full pay, while many others were made redundant.

With the average cost of a wedding in the UK, including honeymoon, £31,974 in 2019 — a 54 per cent rise since 2014 — this meant that some weddings were simply unaffordable. However, many have taken to DIY weddings in a bid to cut costs. So, what could make your big day unique while saving you money? Whether you’re getting married at luxury wedding venues in Cumbria, a boutique in the countryside, or a traditional church wedding, take a look at these DIY opportunities.


Realistically, this won’t be the biggest of expenses in your planning stge. However, especially for those who have had to reschedule, sending out invitations could be an avoided expense. On average, newlyweds-to-be will spend between £3 and £10. While wedding numbers vary, 59 per cent of weddings before Covid-19 had between 50 and 100 guests.

‘E-vites’ or digital invites are a free way to invite your guests to your ceremony via an attractive e-mail. As well as saving money, sending your invites in this way is better for the environment and will make RSVPs easier to keep track of — both for yourself and your guests.

Go rustic

Have you got your theme in mind already? If not, consider a rustic décor. This sophisticatedly shabby design means not everything has to be perfect to look wonderful. This choice is actually quickly becoming the UK’s go-to design — and quite rightly too!  When well done, this design can create a beautiful and simplistic look without the need to spend extortionately.

Balloon wall

So, you want to have something a bit quirky, but you don’t want to blow your budget? How about creating your own balloon wall? This is a great way to grab your guests’ attention and create that perfect location for photography. All you need is a low temperature glue gun, an abundance of balloons, a hand pump, a piece of foam board, gorilla tape, and decorations such as streamers and foil tassels.

Then, in four simple steps:

  • Inflate your balloons: different sizes work best but blow them all up before you start!
  • Create the foam base: create the shape you want and attach it to the wall using your gorilla tape. Alternatively, you can hang it from wire mesh if your location doesn’t want any items stuck to their walls.
  • Start gluing: attach your balloons either to the wall or to an adjoining balloon. Remember, more balloons means less foam board being noticeable!
  • Add any extras: spruce up your wall with your added extras and then stand back and admire your masterpiece!

This centrepiece can really catch the attention and add to your décor while not putting a big dint in your budget.

Favours/table places

Like any part of your day, how much you spend on favours for your guests can cost you a little or a lot. However, one way of how a little creativity can go a long way and help you save your cash for other areas of your occasion is by doubling up your favours with your place cards. While the likes of little bottles of alcohol are regular appearances, why not bake your favours?

A little biscuit with your guest’s name on could be just the (cost-savvy) idea needed to let people know where they are sitting as well as having a unique favour.


Of course, everyone has different budgets and ideas. Make sure you research all the ways you can cut your costs. Not only will you save money, you’ll put your own personal touch on your big day to make it even more special!





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