Difference between Android Go apps and regular Android apps


Applications are part of today’s life and without applications, even the topmost mobile phone is nothing. In short, apps are the lifeblood of any smartphone we are using today. 

To this, Android Go, an initiative by Google to make the key Android applications available for all the devices was introduced in the year 2017. The purpose of it was to make the applications available be it the entry-level Android smartphones worldwide.

Through the Android Go versions, users with a little economic smartphone can also take the leverage of Google Applications. This further helps Google to reach a wider number of audiences globally while making goodwill in the market. 

A business with sound knowledge of the mobile app development world can still understand what the app and the experience of it are for the users, however, a person currently entering into the world might find it a little challenging to either develop the app based on Android Go theme or go ahead with the basic ones. 

Thus, to clear their doubts and let them connect to a leading mobile app development company, here is the blog beginning with what Android go apps are and how they are different from the Android regular apps. 

What are Android Go apps?

In a layman language, Android Go apps are the learners and trimmed version of the Android Operating system. The goal of Google here to make apps accessible to the lower budget Android smartphone too. 

This decision of Google-made them earns a lot of users reach and base from people who didn’t have high priced Android devices. Also, through Android Go, the preinstalled application, and the apps out of the box take lesser space as compared to the Android’s regular applications. 

Now that we are saying that Android Go apps are lean and much more trimmed, it is crucial to understand how the regular apps are. Also, it is important to understand if the former apps compromise with the quality or provide the same quality as regular Android apps. 

Difference between Android Go apps and regular Android apps

In order to understand the difference and the overall Android app development, it is good to understand them by picking up a few apps. 

Google vs Google Go

Comparing Google vs Google Go, the latter one is lighter and simpler. The app size is also lesser than the regular one resulting in saving a lot of downloadable time and space into the smartphone. One will be enjoying the app with the key features like voice search, integrated Google map, google translate, image search, and others. 

Gmail vs Gmail Go

Among the most important applications, Gmail is available to the low budget smartphones through the Gmail Go version. The app one will be using offers the same feel and look as the regular Android Gmail application. 

YouTube vs YouTube Go

Known as YouTube Go, the app takes 29 MB space as compared to the size of the regular YouTube app that takes 122 MB. The YouTube Go app allows users to see the video in just a tap, though, does not support a major number of features. Also, one cannot get access to high-quality audiovisual content based channels.

Google Assistant vs Google Assistant Go

Google Assistant Go is created as an individual application. It is lightweight and receives the support of AI while offering a great number of the required information to the users. 

The Google Assistant Go app works as perfectly as the Google Assistant Application. 

Files Go

Via download Manager application, Google gives access to users to download and manage files. Now, when it comes to Android Go, Google gave a fully-fledged Files Go app with a great number of sharing features for transferring files.

Google Map vs Google Map Go

The Go version of Google Map is a leaner version carrying an APK size of 0.009 MB as compared to the heavyweight of Google Map with a 48 MB file size. Even after being so lightweight, the app offers crucial features like real-time location sharing. 

Google has come up with a solution to make the apps available even to the low budget smartphone. By offering the same, Google achieved a milestone where users are preferring Android apps over others that are also accessible to the low budget-smartphones.

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