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Diet Tips During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a physiological change in your body. You are producing a whole living being inside of your body. Therefore you need to keep a keen eye on your diet. During pregnancy, you do not need to overeat just for the sake of eating. You should eat sensible and in a way that is healthy for you and your baby. Make sure you consume a diet containing all the nutrients in a well-balanced proportion. You must also take an iron supplement during pregnancy as your blood volume increases and to make sure that you and your baby get an adequate oxygen supply. If you are unable to gain weight during pregnancy, you can visit, a dietician in Lahore.

In this article, we will discuss the diet tips during pregnancy, things you should eat, and things you should not.


Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a must during pregnancy. You should aim to incorporate at least 5 portions of them in your diet, either canned, fresh, frozen, or in the form of juice. Consuming them fresh and whole is better as you do not get fiber in the form of juice. 

You should eat plenty of apples, oranges, bananas, and carrots to keep yourself healthy and to get nutritional supplementation during pregnancy. The best thing about fruits and vegetables is that they do not make you fat and give adequate nutrition that your body needs.



Carbohydrates are a ready form of energy. Therefore eating plenty of it keeps giving you the energy to function and your baby to remain active. You can get carbohydrates through rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes. However, do not overeat carbohydrates. Consume them in an optimal amount.



Protein has various benefits to your body. Not only it helps in building muscles, nails, and hair but also it helps builds immunity hence protects against infections. To get enough protein, you should incorporate eggs, chicken, and fish into your diet. Make sure whatever you eat is deeply cooked.


Dairy products

For the proper development of your baby and the protection of your bones, you should incorporate dairy products into your diet. You must consume at least two glasses of milk along with one to two servings of yogurt. Dairy products are a source of calcium that helps strengthen your bones and teeth.


Healthy snacks

During pregnancy, it is normal to feel hungry even after having lunch or dinner. You can have snacks if you feel hungry as the caloric requirements of your body increases. But ensure what you eat is healthy for your body. Do not eat chocolates, ice creams, and other sugar-rich products. Instead, rely on healthy options like a grilled chicken sandwich or grilled fish, fruits, vegetables, milk, or yogurt.


Vitamins and folic acid

As soon as you conceive or even before that you should incorporate folic acid into your diet. Having a diet deficient in folic acid can cause your baby to have neural tube defects. Therefore make sure you take folic acid supplementation right from the day you plan to conceive. Moreover, your physician will prescribe you antenatal vitamins so that you do not get any kind of deficiency during pregnancy.


Things to avoid

During pregnancy, do not drink alcohol as it is injurious for your child’s health. Mothers who consume alcohol during pregnancy may have a child with malformations. Therefore you should avoid its intake during pregnancy. You should also avoid excessive intake of sugar and salt during pregnancy. 

During pregnancy, your body is already retaining water. If you consume a diet rich in salt, it can lead to high blood pressure. Also, many women develop hyperglycemia during pregnancy. Therefore you should not consume too much sugar. You should consume everything in an adequate amount to give yourself nutrition and energy. Pregnancy causes food cravings. Sometimes you may want to eat something sweet, another time something sour. Choose the options that are good for your health.



Following the right diet is essential during pregnancy. If you do not get enough nutrition, your child may be underweight, or you may get any nutritional deficiency. Therefore you should consume a balanced diet during pregnancy that neither makes you underweight nor overweight. If you are pregnant, you can visit a dietician in Islamabad for a personalized diet plan.

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