Diabetes – is Yoga the Answer to Better Health


Scientists and the medical fraternity are today posed with serious problems of finding a sustainable cure for many lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity. The typical medicine management routine yields only limited results. Moreover, in the recent times even many people in their youth have been found to be affected by diabetes. In the last couple of decades, it has been observed that an increasing number of young men and women in their thirties or forties have shown symptoms of diabetes which was earlier seen more in mature people. The long term reliance on medicine for management of diabetes is not feasible, since the allied problems of heart, kidney and eyes are likely to surface over later years and cause further complications. Yoga in Mona Vale can be helpful.

Yoga exercises are one of the most effective ways to manage diabetes levels in people already suffering from the problem and also serve to prevent the onset of the disease in those who are on the borderline. There are some typical exercise postures prescribed in yoga texts which have been earmarked as being helpful in controlling the diabetes. These postures called asanas in Sanskrit tend to stimulate the pancreatic gland in the body to produce insulin hormone properly, which in turn regulates the blood sugar levels in the body.

Mona Vale yoga centre has been extending expert training courses in yoga exercises to the community for last many years. The teachers at yoga Mona Vale are experienced and adequately qualified to provide basic as well as advanced courses. Many people every year come here to take training in yoga exercises and it has also helped hundreds of people suffering from diabetes and other diseases.

The yoga techniques are not new but have existed for many centuries in India. The yoga exercises are still practiced by millions of people every day there. The design of yoga exercises have been developed by great sages and savants so that health and fitness can be achieved by adopting regular yoga exercises. The effectiveness of yoga exercises has also been examined clinically by various researchers around the world and they have concluded that the claims of health benefits made by ancient texts of yoga hold true.

There are asanas mentioned in yoga books which can help alleviate many of the sufferings caused by diseases like arthritis, back ache, etc. At Mona Vale yoga centre, these exercises are explained and demonstrated to the aspirants. The correct technique of the specific posture, its duration and sequence is explained to the students. The students are also made to practice these postures under the vigilant eyes of the yoga teachers where any shortcomings are corrected.

Anyone who has attended the course in Mona vale Yoga centre and understood the techniques can then practice the same at his place. Just 20 to 40 minutes of regular yoga exercise everyday can bring about radical difference in the health condition and reduce the dependence on medicines considerably. People who are prone to get diabetic because of genetic issues should follow the yoga exercise routine to prevent the onset of this disease.

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