Develop the Right Content Marketing Strategy


The desire Through properly on the Internet with its own idea, cherished by many consumers. Listen and you read it again and again that the World Wide Web holds the best opportunities for a private and professional success. It only needs a catchy idea, an optimally tuned strategy, perseverance and, at best, even a little bit of luck.

Content Marketing – Theory and Practice

But so simple and plausible theory it may sound – the practice designed mostly somewhat cumbersome. More than 1 billion web pages there. Ascending trend. Google also lists more than 50,000 queries per second and 7,000 tweets are written. Also per second. How can one make and make sure that it does not sink in the crowd attracted attention as a young novice?

The magic word in this context is content marketing. What this is all about and how the perfect content marketing strategy each one ecommerce company supports perfectly, we would like in this extensive guide describe in more detail.

Thus a certain overview is given, we have divided the guide into different areas. First is to clarify what content marketing is and can include the components. Following it will be about a breakdown of individual components and to present so that they their benefits for e-commerce companies can represent. Finally, it is the practical guide about express and show how the optimal content marketing strategy can be found recommendations.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is still a relatively new tool in the field of online marketing. A solid definition of this term does not exist. Despite all this, the contents, tasks and related desires describe rather well and explain.

So, these are a marketing technique that combines different areas together. They form the core in building a website and ensure things, that the proposed or existing ecommerce business can be conducted successfully.

is described coarse achieve that the target audience of the company on the relevant website not only entertained and informed feels, but also advised and advised to buy content marketing. An object or a fact that should actually fulfill all the web pages of a lump sum once. Because very few people create a website for fun, but pursues a specific goal: to address prospective customers to entertain, and inform. Why therefore thus specifically create a task field that content marketing is called and connected to a fixed strategy?

As trivial as the description of the task of content marketing may sound so difficult to put this into fact. For the will to create an exciting and promotional website for a long time is no longer sufficient to achieve this goal. Too big the competition is on the network, to prevail there with simple means. Rather, it is that everything has to be planned and developed very accurate. And how to do this and what ways have to be sure that content marketing is to strategy, which must be explicitly created for each company and for each project on the Internet.

What does content marketing?

Content Marketing consists of several components, which should be sent interlinked. In order to have success with it can, it is thus sufficient not only to bring a lot of text on a website and then wait and see what happens. Even if the text corresponds to the topic and is well researched.

There must be found a perfect mix, so that the reader is not only received by a wall of letters, but a common thread detects and without completely reading the text can grasp the content. this is possible with, among other things:

  • Blog posts that not only inform, but also entertain and report from the field
    Infographics that summarize the writing again and clearly display
    Software products that are presented as a recommendation
    Games or other entertainment venues, which also is an allusion to the topic and deepen it
    Photos – fitting to the theme of the website
    Tests – readers can be persuaded easier if reviews emphasize the quality of the statements set forth
    Polls – others’ opinions is very important – the inclusion of a survey therefore quite recommendable
    Studies also underline the very good quality and instill confidence reader
    Guide – always welcome, as they provide not only bare facts, but to describe many things also comprehensive and explain
    E-books are at greater themes a very effective means to be known on the Internet and carry out their own knowledge in the wide world

This list could be quite still expand because content marketing is not limited to a few areas, but always presupposes that one is drawn up wide. On top of that we are not far from gnawing on the possibilities on the Internet at our borders. Rather, ever more opportunities will arise that we can not even recognize today, which will expand this small list repeatedly.

What are the main objectives of a good content marketing strategy?

In principle, it is so that you can pursue with a good content marketing strategy three important main objectives. These are:

The positioning of a brand on the market
Customer acquisition
Customer loyalty
Each company and self wants to make his name or his company money. To succeed, it is important to make one’s own name, the company or the resulting products to a brand.

Who has a recognition factor, significantly easier to pass it on the market. Think. Only once at Coca-Cola or Nutella Whoever hears these names, thus combines a brand, a story and a certain value.

Now the way to the mark can be quite long and difficult. Therefore, should be considered in developing the right content marketing strategy in mind that it is not always essential to be at the top, but to ensure, to symbolize the developed brand quality and consistency in. If this succeeds, then succeed the customer acquisition and customer retention. And it may then arise of the long-term success.

Why rely on content marketing?

There may be some consumers who view the subject content marketing as a short-term hype and therefore give not too much importance him. But many have previously thought also from the Internet, from mobile phone and many other things. And therefore it is important that the content marketing the importance is attributed that deserves it and will do it justice.

People are bombarded with advertising for decades. The private television channels manage to pack up to an hour advertising in a movie. This is annoying and drives many to the Advertise to change while the transmitter.

were also on the Internet and there are still pages contained a plethora of banners and only aimed to urge the reader to make a purchase. Such sites are always more penalized by the search engines, since just missing the informative content and it may be a matter not only to advertise but also to entertain and inform. That’s just what the Internet was actually invented.

With Content Marketing is peeled off “the old form of advertising.” Today is advertised with good content and not with flashing banners and links. Even the email marketing works much better if the mail brings a good content with him as merely refers to a sales link.

And the social media marketing works only if good content behind it. “I’m great and you can also be” no longer suffices.

Even the good old SEO, what was always regarded as the basis for a good ranking in the search engines, you come without a good content no longer marketing strategy and thus very good content. SEO texts in which keywords are used, that these interfere with the flow of reading or even with respect to the grammar do not fit, make it long gone ehr to inspire. The reader can be such things no longer like, recognize quite quickly that this is merely to plump SEO Advertising and go to the competition.

Therefore always the motto: Only the customer has to be excited before him can what sold.

The division into target groups

To the right content marketing to find strategy, the target group must be analyzed, to be addressed in order. It does not help to develop a strategy that knows no contact person. Every product, every service and every business is aimed at a specific audience. It is not necessarily about the age of the readers or customers. It is also about gender, interests and professional requirements.

Should a website be created, which is to a company ahead of the construction industry, then usually men between 25 and 60 are addressed based on the construction are also active or interested in trade services. Attributes that appeal to women or the older generation, are therefore out of place.

What goals should be pursued?

In content marketing, there are short-term and long-term goals. but will be sought always the long-term goals. The short-term goals are only as intermediate steps on the way to the final product.

The most important short-term goal to attract new prospects can be considered. The more people visit the website of the e-commerce company, the greater the chance of financial success. In addition, should also always an increase in range are aimed at short notice, which can be equated with the acquisition of new prospects.

In the long term the following objectives must be pursued:

Building a community with regular readers and customers
Creation of an independent communication system (e-mail, chat, social media channels, telephone, etc.)
Build its own brand
Building confidence and security
Building a good listing in the search engines
Binding of so-called influencers on the website
In the long-term objective is always spoken of several years. Because success is now again not instantaneous. Above all, if this is to be built up continuously and still exist in many years, it is important that the content marketing strategy is applied in accordance with the long term.

Define targets correctly

It is not enough to know your goals and name. They must also be firmly defined. Only then they can also be targeted specifically.

therefore needs to be clarified, which path should be taken. Will increasingly rely on social media? Or rather on backlinks? Both aspects should naturally run in parallel. But who seeks out his way and these uses as Emperor Way, will come most likely your goal faster:

Tip: Choosing the right path should depend on the clientele, which is to be addressed. Young customers to reach more about social media than older clientele. It is therefore necessary to meet our customers where they stand and not to wait for this To come up.

So the path leading to the destination

A good content marketing strategy runs on a fixed schedule. At the first place is always the strategy development that should be as detailed as possible. Then it is necessary to create a concept and associated planning. If this is successful, it can go to the implementation. During this phase, a quality management should be held again. All processes must be scrutinized and checked in a certain regularity, in order not to lose the guidance of the eyes and work at a consistently high level can.

Finally, it will then be to be drawn from the achievements the corresponding profit. Nobody does anything for free. Therefore, it is important that the efforts pay off at the end of the long path also.

It looks like a good concept from

The creation of a concept is one of the major building blocks on the road to a good content marketing strategy. Without concept no way and no way not a goal or success.

For the creation of the matching concept the following questions should be answered:

What should be achieved?
Which target group is needed to achieve the desired objectives?
Who should feel concerned by the content?
How should the target audience to be addressed?
What additional modules come in addition to a good content for the design and implementation in question?
What additional emotional triggers are required to implement the strategy optimally?
If a storytelling needed?
How should the reader be addressed?
What is the right plan for implementation?
What time frame is given?
Who is all in the implementation of the Content Marketing Strategy?
Which costs arise?
On the latter point, we want to work more in detail since this is an important sticking point for many e-commerce companies. The love costs. No one likes everyone wants to deal – but they can be really handle?

The fact is that quality has its price. And it is also true that not everyone can do everything. To develop a mature content marketing strategy and then successfully implement calls for perseverance, knowledge and feel for the market. Many entrepreneurs are top in their field. But as for online marketing, often lack the basic knowledge in order to achieve a good result. Therefore it is important in many cases to consult a professional who not only advises, but is also responsible for the implementation.

the company moves into a small regional framework and it has within this framework, then a content marketing strategy is found little competition not only faster, but also implemented. Should, however, be thought through regional or even global, then the content marketing strategy designed much more extensive and their implementation requires a lot of know-how.

It is recommended, therefore, always to consult a professional if larger goals are envisaged. As written at the beginning, the Internet is now home to more than 1 billion web pages. And there are more every day.

Anyone who wants to survive in this field must be set up particularly well to somehow stand out from the crowd can. A small artisan who wants to be active only in his town and in the area is to be found on Google faster with the appropriate keywords to be as an e-commerce company that has specialized for example on investments or similar things. The Commercial thus determines how extensive the content marketing strategy fails and what effort has to be to implement these.

A general number for the costs can not be named. On the one hand, because the reaction of the strategy is a long process and the costs extend accordingly over a long period. On the other side as well, because every project is different and therefore no flat-rate numbers are recommended.

These errors must be avoided

Well now many explanations, tips and tricks on the subject were called “Content Marketing Strategy” and discussed in detail. The last part of this guide is therefore to deal with the failures that can bring the content marketing with it. Even if everything was exactly planned, structured and carried out, it can happen again and again that small errors lead to major damage. Therefore, at this point the 10 worst mistakes that should be avoided.

1. No right strategy

Sounds weird, but it happens again and again – companies that are not able to develop a catchy content marketing strategy. Although they assume that their strategy is good and the company advances. On closer inspection, however, can be quickly determined that the proposed strategy will not bring the desired success.

Often the error already is in its infancy. It is simply called a website or blog to life, the “just” inform and to ensure that it is represented on the World Wide Web. Lastly, yes, “there is everything.”

But even here is the biggest mistake that can be made: If you just charge ahead without having to worry in advance thinking about the aim to be pursued and the means by which this objective can be achieved, which is still running after the success. It is therefore important that becoming a target is defined.

Is not this goal, then get carried it quickly in the many small things that line the path to success. The content of the page digresses and not focused on the real core. Quick is then found that a too broad positioning is also not good. But by then already many hours of work have gone into the website, which can be referred to as wasted in the end.

Therefore the following advice: Without strategy no ordinary destination and no proper coverage. A good content marketing strategy shows the way to concrete, but is designed so that adjustments are possible at any time.

2. No plan

A strategy is good and beautiful. but good for only a little, if it exists not only in the head, but also on paper. Who wants to really take off as an e-commerce company, its strategy on paper must have anchored. This can be done in the good old way, in the form of a booklet or a block, where everything is recorded. But it is also possible to define the plan in digital form.

The plan not only the objectives must be clearly defined, but also when these are to be achieved. In addition, duties and responsibilities need to be distributed. Who does not work alone on a project, should distribute the load evenly on all shoulders. Teamwork is also essential on the Internet and the key to success.

3. Content marketing is not advertising

Content marketing has the aim of making an e-commerce company known. It is meant to be on track and held there.

Many entrepreneurs confuse content marketing but with advertising. They promote their product without mercy, without realizing that the entertainment and general information are missing. But customers want not only courted. They want to learn something, want to learn about the subject in general, and then, if they are comfortable and well cared feel, are also active in this mood. That is, they will seek to purchase financial statements or other desirable actions.

It is therefore important that their own services and products not too much in the foreground. They are important, but should not cover that actually the reader, from once to a customer, there must always be in the foreground.

4. No fixed defined target group

How important is the target group for hosting a website, has already been discussed in detail in the appropriate chapter. However, there are site operators who do not know exactly who your audience. You want to address, while forgetting that it is much more difficult with the masses achieving success as the audience the masses.

Who knows whom he can address and must and can do the entire website to the appropriate audience out. If seniors are addressed, the page must be designed completely different than at a young audience. And this refers not only to the outline, the font size and the general content. The operation, the choice of words and the possibilities for the contact must be aligned accordingly towards the target group.

5. Content Marketing use only short

Content marketing is nothing you for a few weeks and tried it out then discards again. To be successful, has to watch all the action as a long-term process. Just like everything on the Internet, and content marketing takes time to unfold its benefits optimally. Therefore, should not be thought of in small periods.

Content takes time until it “works”. Alone the fact that search engines need to find and list the pages once, must not be forgotten. In addition, the content needs to build only. A single text is not enough to succeed. Therefore, it is very important to always think and act in the long term and the strategy is created not only for the here and now.

6. It is not out of control

Even the best idea and strategy may have errors. Also at Content Marketing. Therefore, it is essential to question its strategy again and rectify. Whoever forgets this, missing out on the competition and will see pass success in itself.

Each step should always be critically scrutinized and controlled. And not only when the income decreases, but at regular intervals. At best, with the help of a plan that governs exactly when what is controlled.

7. Not Telling words

Experts recommend to fill the web pages with many words. The more content, the more interesting for the search engines. But what still use so many words, if this is just about trivial phrases that bring neither the reader nor for search engine benefit with it?

Quality is the alpha and omega for each action that is to be pushed. Who writes his texts only halfheartedly, which must not be surprised if the interest is also only half-heartedly.

8. The reader is not animated

Even if the advertising is not to stand in the foreground, it is nevertheless important that the reader is encouraged to act. “Call to Action” calls this the expert. This means that the reader must be called to do something, after having read the content.

For example, he can leave his mind, buy something or obtain more information. Depending on what the goal of the website and what actions can be associated with it.

Although perhaps readers this is not done, then are plentiful, but the turnover is not true. And a good idea to be implemented on the Internet, also needed revenue. Because this ensures that the idea can be pursued and will end up a success.

9. The social media are ignored

“I’ve already a website. So why should I be active also in the social media? ”

A phrase that is used often and very clearly demonstrates that the relevant businesses have no idea how a good content marketing strategy works.

It is not enough to create “only” a website and then hope that the reader will come running in droves. You have to animate, to do likewise. And for that it is important to have a broad base. Not on the content of the website, but always in relation to the website.

Social media such as Facebook, Xing, Twitter and other offshoots should be no foreign words for businesses in our time. They have a huge reach. Anyone who thinks that he has no business there and just wasting his time, should rethink his whole plan again and possibly put on ice. Although this may sound harsh.

But who does not recognize the social media as a key opportunity for success, is not ready for the Internet and should pursue elsewhere. Therefore, it is very important that all important channels are operated, the strike all one direction. Namely, the direction that leads to success.

10. The page contains text

Content Marketing does not mean that only much SEO text must be placed on a website and then runs the hare. Content Marketing means that the text must be included in order to pictures, graphics, videos and presentations. All in the most popular formats, and well labeled with a meaningful and off-topic content. Whoever does not, will his readers also can not captivate the long term and the turnover will not develop as desired.


A mature content marketing strategy to find, is not easy. However, it is required to make an e-commerce company competitive, and to pursue the business objectives that are sought.

A good content marketing strategy consists of many elements, follows a strict plan and can be arbitrarily adjust and refine, so that they reach the desired coverage at the end in spite of everything.

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