Dealing with the problem of greenwash while purchasing mattresses


In today’s world, people are becoming more aware of the benefits of natural products over synthetic ones. It is true that all synthetic products are not considered harmful, but there is nothing better than a natural product. The concern with regard to a natural product like mattresses is rising because many unethical sellers are trying to dupe people by posing synthetic mattresses as natural. It is true that a completely synthetic mattress is not propounded as a natural mattress, but the blended ones are often sold under the garb of natural products.

The practices that foretell the false nature of a mattress seller

When a person is going to a shop or browsing an online site for buying a mattress, then some red flags will clearly point out that the seller is taking recourse to greenwash for selling a blended product as a natural one. These practices are discussed below:

  • The lack of certification attesting the products as 100% natural or organic

Organic implies that the product is bereft of any traces of pesticides or chemicals that are used for growing the raw materials needed for constructing the mattress. If a mattress is grown from such organic raw materials, then globally accepted standard of certifying the organic nature of a particular product will be imprinted on the product and will be available as a separate certificate. If a seller claims that the product is organic but cannot answer any queries or show any proof regarding the organic nature of the products, then it can be derived that the seller is trying to fool the customer by falsely attesting a blended mattress as organic. A person can go through latex mattresses review for more information in this regard.

  • Presence of green stickers that are manufactured by the seller

This is a practice in which the manufacturer makes a green logo or sticker and sticks it on the mattress. These logos are self-made by the company and do not carry any specific value as these are not genuine indicators. In many cases, the purchaser can get fooled by the presence of such green stickers, but in this regard, it is important for a customer to verify the nature of the imprint that is pasted on the mattress for pointing it as organic.

  • The use of unknown terms in the products description

This is another tactic employed by fraudulent mattress sellers for selling a hybrid mattress at a higher price by terming it as organic. The use of terms like eco-cover, eco-latex or similar terms that somehow are connected to eco-friendly products but actually have no specific meaning is done to make the impression that the product is organic falsely. The buyer in such cases should review these terms or directly ask the meaning of these terms to the seller for acquiring a clarification.


Hence, one should be careful that in the name of organic mattress one shouldn’t fall prey to such dubious sellers.

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