Dealing With Stormwater in an Ever Expanding World


When companies decide what they want to build and where they want to build it, it then falls to the construction companies to actually do the job or in other terms from paper to onsite in order to execute the project. One of the most important parts of dealing with a construction site is preparing a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. These plans are designed to reduce the amount of stormwater pollution from construction sites. Failure to comply with these plans or to have them can cause severe penalties from local, state and federal governments.

Why You Need a SWPPP;

Stormwater from construction sites is the leading cause of sediment flow into rivers and lakes. When flooding occurs loose sand and dirt from constructions sites can be picked up by the flow of the water. When the water reaches local lakes or rivers it can settle and cause water levels to rise, which can cause major flooding and decrease the standard amount of water in the river or late. This can also hurt plant life and fish in the rivers and lakes.


In order to create one of these plans you have to have the knowledge and skills associated with them. Otherwise the Californian Government will not recognize the plan as legitimate or legal. You need to get an SWPPP Certification, which will designate you as the person to set up an appropriate and safe plan. This certification can be granted through an accredited online course, which you can also pay for online.

Getting Help without Certifications;

Another way to get your plan approved is to contract a company whose employs Certified Inspectors to come out and help you prepare and implement a SWPPP plan. Many of these companies can be found simply by making a search for Stormwater Management California. Numerous companies can be found and contacted.

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