Cultural tour in Odisha


Odisha is the place which is full of culture in complete India where you can enjoy the beaches and the fort also its I the place where you will surely get the complete money worth full. Here you will not get bore for a single minute because there will be so many things which you can enjoy. Here are some of the activity which is calling you to enjoy if you are in Odisha:

Puri beach & Jagannatha Temple in Odisha

When you plan your trip to Odisha don’t forget to visit in puri beach and the Jagannatha Temple in Odisha. There will be lots of fun which you can enjoy the food which is prepare in temple is cook in such a way which you must see there you will came to see a magic over there.

Hiking in Odisha

If you are planing for any adventure in Odisha so here is the option of hiking which you can enjoy. Mountain are also available in Odisha which you can enjoy with your family and the friend. You will surely create some memories over there. Which you will not forget for the whole life of yours.

Food in Odisha

Food of Odisha wills surely gives you the taste of different culture Dahi vada is famous in Cuttack. And the jhalmudi and the ghugni is also famous in Odisha which you can enjoy if you are in Odisha. Dosa is also famous in Odisha which you can taste and the lip-liking taste of the food will be for a long time.  

Durga puja in Odisha

Durga puja is the famous festival in Odisha which you can enjoy because Odisha is famous for the architecture. The Durga Mata Murti design in such a way you cant believe that its looks like a real one. Durga puja is for 10 days festival in Odisha which you can enjoy as it is from first Navratri to Dussehra.

Konark temple 

This temple is famous for the first rays of sun which falls on the dome of the temple. This temple is situated in the north east part of the India.

Chandi Mandir in Cuttack 

This temple is also famous in Odisha which you can enjoy if you are planing for any religious trip in Odisha. 

Beaches in Odisha

There are 4 beaches in Odisha which you can enjoy one is puri beach, konark beach, chandipur beach, gopalpur beach. Puri beach is also called as golden beach this name is because of the golden sand. You will surely enjoy the ways which comes to you.

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