Criticality of Chief Learning Officer in organizations


A Chief Learning Officer holds critical gravity for any organization. An organization is like a machine which runs successfully due to the CLO of the organization who understands the attitudes and psychologies of men and women and old and new generation and works in synergy with all of them to keep the machine running smoothly. From time to time, he/she has to make sure that training development takes place. He is a learning development officer in charge of the employee training and development.


There are many CLO executive program as well as CLO learning program for CLO learning. Top CLO worldwide are gearing up for these CLO executive program. Even the list of top chief learning officer worldwide have either gone though these programs or intend to go through them. The CLO executive program equips the individuals with business analytics, learning theory, technology, scientific inquiry, and performance consulting skills that are indispensable to be an effective leader. Thanks to efficient CLO learning program and CLO executive program this is very much possible these days.

The reasons employee training and development is essential for a company are many that ranges from greater employee relation through employee engagement and employee advancement. With increasing competition in the companies and organizations the world over, training development of the employees is necessary to counter the demand of advanced skills, new technologies, and modern corporate and business techniques.

If we look at the list of top chief learning officer worldwide of companies such as Jenny Dearborn, Andre Martin, Deb Bubb, Rob Lauber, and Brad Samargya of SAP, Nike, IBM, McDonald’s, and Ericsson- they are the top CLO worldwide because everyone in the list is a learning development officer who is able to drive the employee training and development as well as the corporate strategy with the goals of the businesses he/she works for. Only the transformational leaders are top CLO worldwide who can drive business transformations for employees, customers, organization, and channel partners make it to the coveted list of chief learning officer worldwide. A major contribution to their successes lies in the CLO learning programs they underwent Breaking news WowYar.

The top CLO worldwide employ coaching, mentoring, microlearning, management training, mentoring, and leadership development programs for training development. The learning development officer knows how to figure out an organization’s challenges, capable of allocating funds and resources for important projects, make arrangements for financial plans to operate the learning of the employees and in case the organization isn’t willing to go for in- house training- to allocate funds for outsourcing.

A common culture is built within the organization by the learning development officer. He/she takes care of talent management programs and are closely involved in the recruitment, employee engagement teams, compensation teams, and performance management. Even personalization is leveraged to train employees by sending them content and programs personalized to their needs. He/she questions himself/herself regarding many questions related to the modern day problems a company faces- like are rewards and compensations balancing out the continuous learning and performance? And do my skills and talent mirrors the responsibilities I have on my shoulders?

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