Cortical Screws and Cancellous Screws Manufacturers


Among all large numbers of screws, there are simple designs i.e., cortical screws and cancellous screws. Their name itself shows their capabilities. cortical screws are made to be used in cortical bone and cancellous screws for cancellous bone. similarly, we’ve extra essential information about these screws. cortical screws have, as compared to cancellous screws, carefully-spaced, shallow threads and larger core to outer diameter ratios.

Cancellous screws aren’t so sturdy like cortical screws even though having the same outer diameter. they have usually round end. when they are to be used on long bones, completely threaded screws are to be used so that to fix both cortices so that full stability is available. The round end of these screws needs to stick out only a few millimeters into the soft tissue beyond the far cortex to keep away from any harm to the soft tissue. cancellous screws are designed for the fixation of cancellous bone. these screws are widely used in the metaphyses of lengthy bone in which cancellous bones are in large numbers.

They have greater deeply cut and more widely spaced threads as compared to cortical screws. The screw thread cut their direction inside the bone when inserted in the cancellous bone as it’s far much less dense than cortical bone, i,e., cancellous screws are self-tapping. it is made of chrome steel and titanium. partly threaded cancellous screws are frequently used as lag screws for metaphyseal fractures.

Cortical screws are suitable for plate and bone fixation There are exceptional kinds of cancellous screws with special capabilities and uses. Cancellous screw 6.5mm (16mm, 32mm, full thread) is appropriate for a neck femur fracture and condylar femur fracture. Cancellous screw 4.0mm (full thread – half thread) is appropriate for tibial condylar fracture and small fragment fixation in cancellous bone. Cancellous screws 5.0mm (full thread- half thread) is also appropriate for tibial condylar fracture and small fragment fixation in cancellous bone. These various types of screws are manufacturer by orthopaedic trauma implants manufacturer.

There also are a few varieties of cortical screws which can be suitable for plate and bone fixation, made of stainless steel and titanium. Cortical screw 2.0mm (self taping & non self taping), cortical screw 2.7mm (self-taping & non self taping), cortical screw 3.5mm (14 TPI & 20 TPI), cortical screw 4.5mm (self taping & non self taping).

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