Converting a Spare Room into an Office: A Guide


As more and more people start working from home, the need for a productive space is essential to make the transition easier. Creating a fresh and motivating home office is a great way to ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable place to get your work done. It can be achieved whether you have a whole room to use or just a smaller space in your living areas. Take a look at how to convert it successfully below.

Design the layout for productivity

The layout of a room can have a massive effect on how productive and motivated you feel. Everything from thinking about where you place your desk to where the light comes into the room can have an impact. You could think about common Feng Shui ideas, such as positioning your desk facing into the room rather than against a wall. Light can be a significant factor in where you place your computer screen too. If the sun is continuously creating glare, you will experience headaches and eyestrain over time.

Incorporate useful yet stylish furniture

Your desk is one of the most important features for a home office, but you also have to consider storage too. Office furniture doesn’t have to be boring or typically modular to fit into the space. Plus, you could work in modern furniture Miami and hidden storage ideas to make the most of the available area. In a smaller space, using fold-out desks could also be a great idea, so you can tidy it away and hide computer equipment when it’s not in use.

If you’re using a spare room that already has furniture such as wardrobes in it, try to keep the space as clear as possible. A tidy room can boost your productivity, so trying to keep it looking like an office rather than a mix of everything will help. Opt for closed storage rather than open wardrobes or shelving as this can make the room look cluttered.

Choose a color scheme

Color is an essential factor for your home office, as it sets the overall tone and atmosphere. Choosing colors that make you feel comfortable and inspired is an excellent foundation for the décor. Plus, using versatile shades makes it easier to add in other colors that work with your base palette.

Create an area for downtime

If you have space in your home office room, it’s worth considering a space for downtime. It’s crucial for mental health to be able to get away from the screen every now and then. However, if you make a cup of tea and head to the living room, it can become a little too comfortable, and you may find you procrastinate in this comfy spot. Instead, buy a comfortable armchair or sofa and pop this in your office. This way you’ll have a space to sit with a cuppa and relax for a few minutes without getting too cozy in front of the TV.

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