Content Marketing Hacks to Use in 2020


Content marketing has become a key factor in digital marketing of late. While content was not earlier afforded its own separate designation in the marketing space, it has now become a central part of every digital marketing campaign.

From the very beginning, content has been at the heart of the digital experience. The reason why people began using the internet extensively in its early days was how simple it was to consume content. The trend amongst every digital platform has since been to find a way to keep users online and engaged. Content plays a central role in this regard.

Content marketing by definition is a technique to use content as a tool to influence the marketing decisions made by the target audience. Whether we consider a TV ad or a poster pasted on the side of a road, a person or team is needed to frame the content behind each marketing exercise.

While text was the dominant medium to consume digital media in the beginning, images and videos have slowly become the most preferred forms of content. Instagram and TikTok, two of the most popular social platforms in the world, are popular because of how interactive both of them are.

In this article, we will discuss content marketing hacks that will help creators streamline their creation process and outcomes in 2020.

Start Creating Videos Based on Blogs

The world is moving toward accepting video as a dominant form of content. Bloggers running highly trafficked networks of niche websites are suddenly creating YouTube channels in order to sustain their growth and income. Brands that used to generate leads with blog content and organic traffic are now creating video content to reach a new demographic of viewers.

One simple way to start creating video content is taking a few popular articles and turning them into crisp videos. Creators should analyse video content created by competitors in the field.

Focus on Content Diversity

Many creators make the mistake of writing content which keeps repeating a style and format used in previously published blog posts. This is can be an impediment to those looking to increase their user retention rate.

Creators should publish different forms of content on their website such as how-to tutorials, case studies, event-based content, and so on.

Cross-promote Content on Different Platforms

To improve visibility of content, marketers must make sure they cross promote content on different platforms.  For example, while publishing a video on YouTube, marketers should promote their blog content in the video. At the same time, while putting up blog posts, marketers must embed YouTube videos between the content and encourage people to subscribe.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covered some important content marketing hacks for creators to use in 2020. Those involved in the creation of content in digital marketing should consider these hacks for their work.

About the Author – Tom Clark is one of the top SEO executives in India. He currently writes special guest blogs for Eduburg, an institute well known for its affordable digital marketing course in Delhi.

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