Consume Digestive syrup India in enzyme deficiencies


Different categories of enzymes are produced in body to support digestion of food in simpler forms. But, if these enzymes are not produced properly or all types of enzymes are not produced, then digestive disorders may occur to face multiple problems in body. Torque Ayurveda has formulated Digestive syrup India for supporting digestive disorders with plant derived enzymes. The syrup can support gastrointestinal tract disorders and also offers support to digestion in the system. The syrup provides suitable enzymes derived from plants, so that digestion can take place. It can also heal constipation and worm infestation.

Ingredients of digestive syrup

In Torzyme syrup, some herbal ingredients are compiled to formulate it. These are papaya, sonth, kachu, vidang, ajwain,pipali, nagarmotha, sat pudina, citric acid etc. All these herbal ingredients are accumulated and processed to give the perfect digestive formula. People are benefited by using this Digestive syrup India. This syrup helps to support digestion as well as to absorb food better. In this way, appetite is increased and users are benefited with better health. There are various digestive syrups in market based on herbal ingredients. But, syrup based on chemical formula is also available in Indian market. But, it is safe to use herbal drug as these products don’t have any side effects.

Online purchase of syrup

In present world of pandemic of Covid 19, It is better to buy digestive syrup online. Now, all drugs are available in online websites. Torzyme syrup by Torque Herbal is available in online store. People can move in the website and can place orders by providing address details. Delivery will be given at the doorstep of the address given .At this pandemic world, it is not possible to move out any time  of house and for safety measures online shopping is better by sitting at home.   Payment can be made by online, UPI or COD mode.

Digestive disorders symptoms

Enzymes are complex chemical liquid which are secreted from different organs in body. But, when organs are unable to create secretion of enzymes, then digestive syrup may be offered for support. When children are in problem in digestion, then herbal based digestive syrup can be provided. Herbal based digestive enzyme syrup for child will be helpful for them to digest food. When digestive issues like followings may occur, herbal digestive syrup may be offered:

  • Celiac disease
  • Heartburn
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Colitis
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Bloating


Pancreas creates major enzymes in body to break down food in simpler forms. These forms of foods are proteins, carbohydrates, fats etc. If the body faces deficiencies of producing different enzymes, then humans may face different problems in digestion. The problems may occur in different ways as deficiencies are in different enzymes. In this situation, plant based herbal digestive syrup may be helpful. It will act like natural enzymes and body will not face any difficulties. The absorption of food will be better way in body.


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