Complete guide to choosing your ideal lipstick


The passion red, the intense coral, the nude, the natural pinks, the violets or the exuberant garnets that return with force every winter. There are an infinity of colors to dress our lips and, although there are as many types of lipsticks as there are women and people in the world, they are not all the same. Learning to read what our lips need is a very powerful lesson not only to seduce ourselves – we empower ourselves, we feel attractive, our energy rises and we are more vibrant – but it also helps us to know how to choose which of all, according to the type of color and texture, we will do better to get the most out of it.

Lipstick stick

From ancient Mesopotamia, through the Victorian era, World War II and its push with the film industry, to the day the streets of New York were filled with  vered lipstick suffragettes defending their right to vote . Lipstick sticks have had a strong presence in the fashion industry and their use has been linked to power and beauty.

Women as iconic as Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe or Madonna made the world fall in love with their powerful lips. In fact, it was Marilyn Monroe who iconized its use and made that famous phrase that still remains to this day: “little makeup, powerful lips” . We are going to explain how many types of lipstick there are so that you know how to choose which is the best for you.

  1. Creamy lipsticks

They are perfect for you if… you have dry lips and they chap easily. Also if you are looking for a ‘juicy and fleshy lip’ effect. This lip format is intended to hydrate the lip. By having a creamier finish, its intensity will depend on the number of layers you want to give it. The greater the number of layers, the more coverage, the less the number of layers, a softer, more delicate and natural effect.

The Saigu trick : With such a hydrating texture it is easy that the first opening and closing of the lips has lost intensity. Exfoliating your lips once a week to remove dead cells and allow the color to penetrate better, or something as simple as covering them with a thin layer of your makeup will be enough to make them last a little longer. If to this you add a profiler with which to draw the outline, the effect will be much more intense. Depending on the color game, the combination for your lips is infinite and you can achieve incredible results.

  1. Matte finish lipsticks

They are perfect for you if… you are looking for an intense velvety finish that has a greater durability and with a more powerful pigmentation and coverage than creamy lipstick. Its level of pigmentation deeply covers the entire lip and achieves an elegant effect that you can use both day and night. Combine with eyeliners to achieve more intense effects and perfect lines.

The Saigu Trick: In the rush, we don’t usually take into account that lips also need care. Matte lipsticks inevitably accentuate the chaps and skin that grow on the lip, and not exfoliating and moisturizing them results in a drier lip. Use a natural scrub in which you mix oil and cane sugar. Spread it over your lips and massage gently in circles with your fingers. After exfoliation, cover your lips with a small cap of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and leave it for 1 minute. Wash normally and you’re done. salicylic acid face wash reviews

  1. Satin lipsticks

They are perfect for you if… you are a lover of vintage, are looking for a ‘Saturday Night Fever’ effect or if you are looking for a more daring look. Satin lipsticks achieve a more seductive effect and the shine that they achieve with their finish enhances the lips making them appear fuller and fuller. Unlike matte lipstick, it has a higher hydration point but this also results in a decrease in durability, also because its coverage is more delicate because its level of moisture is higher.

The Saigu trick: As it has a  higher concentration of oils, they last less than other lipsticks and, therefore, they need to be touched up more frequently. Use an eyeliner of the same tone or a lighter tone and fill your lips with it, in this way you get your satin lipstick to set and adhere better to it. Although you will also have to continue retouching so that the satin and shiny effect of this type of lipstick does not disappear.

Lip balms

Pure softness and hydration. The balms make our lips extra-soft and extra-hydrated and they are not missing in any bag. They are a must because of their high hydrating power and because their smooth texture offers the lips the creaminess they need thanks to ingredients such as vitamins, olive or coconut oil, or shea butter.among others. In addition, they are great allies when we go on a trip to the snow or when we expose ourselves to the sun, since the skin of the lips is very sensitive and has almost no melanin, it remains unprotected against the sun’s rays and the lip balm acts as a defender of the skin creating a thin layer that protects them. There are hundreds of types of lip balms: scented, neutral, lighter, denser, stick, or finger-applied containers.

They are perfect for you if… You like to take care of your lips and always keep them hydrated. If you have a tendency to have them dry, scaly, or cracked or if the corners of your lips are delicate and constantly, especially in winter, they are red and cracked.

The Saigu trick: Once you have applied it on your lips, let it sit for a few minutes in which you should avoid eating and drinking. This will make the components of the balm deeply hydrate and have a greater effect on your lips. Another option is to apply before bed and let the moisturizing agents work throughout the night while you sleep. So in the morning they will be very juicy and hydrated and ready to do your makeup as you want.



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