Common Digestive Problems


Problems with the digestive system are rarely discussed in polite company. This leaves most people going through the difficulty alone and in silence. However, the stats show that digestive problems are quickly turning into a major issue as the number of visits to the doctors has been on the rise. Most people do not know that these issues can be easily fixed by making educated decisions regarding their lifestyles or by seeking medicine over the counter. For an instance, irritable bowel syndrome can be easily remedied by in taking Peppermint oil and soluble fibre. Here we take a look at the most common issues and how to solve them.

Acid reflux symptomsare one of the most common digestive issues that people experience. According to a study done, six percent of the population say they experience the symptoms every day while fourteen percent of the population say it occurs on a weekly basis. If the symptoms show up this frequently then it indicates that the person is suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease. This is very painful and if left untreated, it can damage the esophagus and overtime lead to esophageal cancer. Aciphex, Nexium, Prevacid are all meds that can decrease the level of acid in the body.

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Peptic Ulcers are sores in the stomach or intestine that is cause by bacteria burrowing into the mucus layers. The majority of the people make the issue worse by using pain killers like aspirin that do not help and instead make the pain worse. The issue is also elevated by use of alcohol and smoking as well as the great use of NSAID. Stress is known to make the issue worse too. Ulcers should be treated immediately as they can cause internal bleeding in the long run. They are also known to gradually eat a hole in the stomach wall that can allow bacteria to breed and cause a larger infection.

There is hardly any need to explain what constipation is but if you are not feeling well and cannot get the bowels to move, go for an over the counter medicine like magnesia. Leaving constipation without being treated can lead to the development of Urinary incontinence. The rectum is quite close to the bladder and the two parts share nerves and problems in one can work its way to the other. Regular exercise and include a god amount of fibre to your diet. Good sources of fibre include whole grain, fruit and green vegetables. For old people, being hydrated is key to avoiding this issue.

Diverticulitis is a common issue that few know of. It is where people develop unusual lumps in the walls of the intestinal tract. The symptoms of the disease for the western world is usually through pain in the lower left quadrant but for Asians the pain is on the right and is most often accompanied by antibiotics. Antibiotics are the most common way to treat this disease. They are generally caused by the lack of fibre in a person’s diet.

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