Cleanroom Seating- all you need to know


Cleanrooms are one of the most protected laboratories. It comes with a spare environment with many restrictions and advanced filters like HEPA filters and is devoid of particles. Since cleanrooms need rigorous monitoring and special work conditions, the lab equipment and seating arrangement inside a cleanroom is different from a conventional laboratory.

In general, cleanroom seating is different and advanced. The seating options need to be free of dust, dirt, or any other particles that can downgrade the purity level inside this room.

On the other hand, cleanroom workers spend hours of their days on their working desk and chairs. Hence, they need comfortable seating options that can provide them comfort. Ergonomic chairs with proper backrest ensure the workers do not suffer from the back for neck pain and other health problems. Additionally, employers have different types of bodies, and one size will not fit everyone.

Hence, choosing the ideal cleanroom seating arrangement and options becomes a tough job. But it is not that much difficult. But, it is not that tough. If you can follow these tips for choosing cleanroom seating options, there will be no problem. Here is a comprehensive guide for you.

 How to choose the right cleanroom seating for the cleanroom workers?

Cleanroom seating options are specially designed for the restricted environment. You can choose a chair or even a stool with or without wheels. You can use these following tips to choose the best chair or seats that are ideal for your workers-

  • Chairs are different for different people. In general, the chair’s design depends on the weight and body type of the person sitting on it. People with smaller body structure and weight less than 250 lb can use the regular sized chairs, But, if they are tall and have weight more than 350 lb, they need a larger chair with more space. So, always check the height and weight range of your workers before choosing the seats.


  • The second option is to check the seat height and cylinder A proper chair must be enough to offer reliable support to the seater so that he or she can place thighs comfortably. Additionally, the front portion of the seat height needs to match your lower leg(the height below your knee to ankle).


  • The next tip is to check the seat depth. Usually, one to three inches of depth is essential. The position allows the backrest to offer optimal support on the back and lumbar It prevents backache and neck pain.


  • The seat width is also important. Seat width will be directly linked with the body frame of the person who would sit on it. It should be more extensive than the length of their hip. Additionally, there should be a two inches gap on the armrest to ensure comfortable


  • Always try to check the adjustability of the chair or stool. It should be adjustable so that one can customize the chair as per their choice. But, it is inside the cleanroom. Therefore, an adjustment needs extra caution. Often adjusting the chair can release dust or microparticles., Hence, it is better to choose a chair that has covers on the adjustment knobs and parts. Moreover, a chair with a complete cover is best. The cover will prevent any particle from polluting the environment inside the cleanroom.


  • Always consider the dress code of the employees of the In some cleanrooms, workers need to wear select clothing to protect themselves and also the cleanroom environment. Hence the chair and seats should be comfortable enough so that employees can sit without having discomfort. The chair needs to be suitable sufficient for people who are wearing overalls or special dresses.


  • The best way is to ask your employees for practical testing of the models. It will allow them to get a first-hand experience of the product. So, they can choose the best chair that will offer them the ultimate comfort.


  • The upholstery of a cleanroom chair or stools is essential. It is because the cleanroom labs are different from conventional labs. Even a single particle can cause damage to the cleanroom. Hence, the chairs or stools must not release particles in the cleanroom environment. Cloth upholstery is not ideal for cleanroom as cloth releases particles frequently.


  • On the other hand, vinyl or polyurethane upholstery does not release particles in the air. They have forams inside them that prevent such problems. So, seats with PU and vinyl upholstery is the best.  has a diverse and practical range of cleanroom seatings like chairs and stools. You can connect to his company to get the best products within your budget.

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