Choosing the Right Call Center Services Provider for Your Business


Call center services are essential for companies in almost every industry. The scope of call center services has grown as well with so many different inbound as well as outbound call center services being offered by outsourcing companies these days. The competition in the BPO sector has been fierce as well over the last decade in India. If you want to outsource to India, you have so many options to choose from. The question you would ask yourself is how can I choose the right BPO services provider in India for my company?

There are a handful of key factors that need to review before you can take the plunge and sign on the dotted line with a BPO company. Below are some of these factors –

List of Services

There are some call centers that dedicatedly offer one type of service. This could be inbound call center service that includes a combination of customer care services, call answering services, technical support services etc. If you looking to outsource any of these functions, then it’s great. But, what happens when tomorrow your requirements change and you need to outsource outbound call center services like lead generation services, telemarketing services, customer survey processes etc. Would you go looking for a different call center to hire for this?

It is best to hire a call center that offers a wide variety of services from the get-go. This leaves an option open for future outsourcing needs of your company.

Multi-Channel Support

Today’s customers look for customer service on every platform they are present on. They are not happy with their company providing support over voice platform only. They want to support over website chat, via email and even on social media platforms. While hiring a BPO services provider in India, make sure they are offering their clients multi-channel support services that will help companies reach out to their customers on the channel of their preference.

Availability & Flexibility

If your business requirements are such that you need a call center that works around the clock, check their availability in advance. There are processes that may not need to be functional 24/7. For them, you really don’t care about around the clock availability as long as the call center staff is working for you during business hours. There is also an issue of holidays. Do you need your call center process functional on all days of the year or are you fine with the process being closed on special occasions like Christmas, new year’s day etc?

Technological Capabilities

Having access to cutting-edge technology is critical to how effectively a call center can handle its responsibilities towards its clients. You need to check whether the BPO company you are looking to outsource to have the required software, tools, system configurations, CRM, seamless internet connectivity etc to deliver high-quality service that you expect from them. If possible, do a site visit to ensure that the required infrastructure is in place.

These are some of the most important factors to consider before choosing the right call center provider. There may be other factors as well depending upon your business’s unique requirements

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