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Choose perfect jewellery for your wedding

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Jewellery has been an integral part of women’s beauty and defines the statement of beauty. There are numerous jewellery options with various metal types, which are selected according to the party’s demands and theme. The primary part of the women’s jewellery is a necklace or a chain for necklace . Necklace designs range from regional to designer categories. As per the new trends, the jewellery is now made from colourful metals. Some of them are mentioned below.

Bib necklaces:

They are in the shape of a bib and is a combination of pearls or beads. This makes it a traditional type of necklace and can with any dress. They are shorter in length and wraps around the neck. They are popular among those inspired by traditional designs or are going to a wedding with a regional theme.

Collar necklaces:

As the name suggests, this necklace rests just above the collarbone, but it should not be misunderstood as a choker necklace. It is a short and round necklace and plays solo, providing an elegant look. They are popular among people who want to keep it simple yet stylish.

Princess necklaces:

Princess necklace is of mid-lengths and is mostly worn at formal functions. They are a bit shiny as they are studded with diamonds, making it a costly deal but leaves everyone spellbound. These necklaces are suitable for formal as well as bridal wear. Princess necklaces have been common with brides as they are flashy and, when combined with a choker type necklace looks even better.

Choker necklaces:

Choker has gained global recognition in recent times, which has ended up in the various designs in terms of metal and stone uses. They are available with emeralds, rubies, and others because of the people searching for unique products, which has increased the beauty of necklaces and brides. In traditional marriages, wind band chokers are the most preferred.


Rani or queen explains everything about these necklaces. They have either single or multiple strings. They have received their name from the length of this necklace and are covered with another necklace to enhance the beauty of the women.

These are some basic and most common types of necklaces. As the designs are limited, the demands for mixed metal necklaces have risen in recent times. The necklaces with mixed metals are now setting new trends in the market.  The bride is the center of attraction of any wedding, and there is no space for any compromise when it comes to looks and combinations. Necklaces are available in various price ranges and designs, making it suitable for all to look for their demands and choose one according to the need and budget. The bride is special wedding jewellery which defines it clear that she needs the best necklace.

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