Check out the New Acura RDX 2020


The new Acura RDX offers a sporty look for its 2020 SUV version. With an angular framework and striking features of front end area, this car stands apart from the rest of its competitors. This vehicle was redesigned completely for its 2019 model; hence, though not a lot of changes can be seen for its 2020 version. However, its muscular metal body can be coated with a new paint color known as Platinum white, which is booked mostly from Henderson Acura.

Below you can check out rest of features of this new 2020 version and determine whether it meets all your requirements.

Engine specs and power

Every model is fitted with four-cylinder 2L turbocharged engine, which is paired with automatic 10-speed transmission that offers an output of 272 horsepower. AWD and FWD, both drivetrain are available for the model that people can choose according to their preference.

The RDX is quite a quick vehicle which records 0-60 mph in just 6.6 seconds. The quick pedal response is also noticeable when this car shifts from 50–70 mph within 5.2 seconds. The transmission is quite quick when downshifting with gas-pedal prompt inputs. However, transmission in standard mode holds gears for longer duration and also downshifts quicker than RDX A Spec version.

Moreover, this vehicle is also fuel efficiency as it offers a mileage of 22 mpg when driving in a city and 28 mpg when on a highway. This is better than most of its competitors in this vehicle segment. Also, it comes with a fuel tank which holds 17.1 gallon of gas.

RDX and RDX A-Spec models

Acura offers juts two variants of this vehicle RDX and RDX A-Spec. The base model costs $38,595 and A-Spec option comes at $44,795. More people are leaning towards A-Spec option when booking this car from Acura Henderson. The A-Spec option comes with various exclusive upgrades that make every ride more soothing and comfortable for driver and passengers.

Also, the A-Spec version is visually cooler looking, which makes heads turn when passing on the street.However, if anyone is determined to buy the RDX model, then it is suggested by experts to add the technology package for having better audio system, fancy leather seats, and more.

Infotainment system and interior

The interior offers an elegant look and high quality materials are used for manufacturing the dashboard. Also, with ambient lighting and more, it offers sporty feeling to the driver. A 10.2-inch display is placed on top portion of dashboard which can accessed through touchscreen option of through buttons and knobs that rests center console that is easily accessible.

Standard features include smartphone integration, mobile hotspot and more. Also, it comes with USB ports in front and rear-seat.

Now that you know about the new Acura RDX 2020 version, it will be easier for you to decide when to book it. It is car which you should opt for a test ride if you are looking to change your old car for a sporty vehicle.

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