Cheapest Way to Rent a Car


Renting a car is as easy as ABC. Nevertheless, it can be painful for your wallet to spend money on a temporary car, and especially altogether with charges and additional fees. Nobody wants to overpay! And you don’t have to! There is always an opportunity to cut the price. What is more, you can find the cheapest car rental for under 25 drivers! How is that possible?

You know that rental companies usually charge young drivers to cover their possible risks. This can make the rental price quite high. Due to the pandemic, many rental companies decided to wave the fee for young drivers or cut the price to a minimum. What else can you do to score a cheap rental for your road trip? Let’s see.

How to get the cheapest price for car rental

1. Check the car rental sites

Don’t take the first available rental offer. There are many rental agencies that always have something interesting for their clients. Try to check the websites first. You have an opportunity to compare prices, brands, car characteristics to find an ideal option for you. As far as you have noticed something interesting on one website, try to surf the internet in search of a cheaper proposal. Of course, car rental policies are similar, but they often have tasty sales and special deals so that you will never know what to expect.

2. Try to skip the airport spots if possible

Obviously, central airports are always in a win-win position. You don’t have to take a taxi or an airport bus to get to the rental office. All the rental agencies are conveniently situated in one place with a wide choice of cars and 24/7 work hours. They give you information about cars, hotels, excursions around. Traveling with kids or in a big company, you may have no time for searching for cheaper car rates in the agencies all over the city. Believe it or not, the prices in the airport location are always high. So, take it or leave it.

3. Look for discounts

All the major rental agencies give good discounts for one or another car brand. It can be a season sale, discount for minivans or business class cars, weekend discounts. Sometimes, it can be really helpful and gives you a chance to save at least $5 dollars per day per rent. If the trip is long, the sale means much. Also, many countries have special rental conditions for one or another car brand.

4. Rent economy cars

If the car brand means nothing to you, you can find the cheapest vehicle for rent. Thus, economy class cars usually go with the cheapest price. You have always an opportunity to upgrade and get a bigger car for the same price if the vehicle you’ve just picked would be not available. Also, rare cars, such as camping vans, business class cars, 7-seaters go with a good discount either.

5. Skip extra driving

Rental agencies always charge you for adding an extra driver to your rental contract. It would be great if you are the only driver in your company! Paying some extra money for an extra driver every day seems not the best option if you want to get the cheapest car. But always remember that you can easily wave the additional driver fee if that person is your domestic partner with the same address. Also, you can always enroll in their membership program and get any of your family members as an extra driver for free.

6. Check your insurance

Don’t skip the car insurance. But you can easily cut the rental price if your own insurance covers you when you rent a car. Also, you can check your credit card insurance. It often used to pay for car rental.

These are the main tip you can use to cut the rental price somehow. Remember that different rental agencies have different rental options and rules. If you didn’t find an ideal agency yet, just keep searching. Sooner or later you’ll find an agency with the most favorable rental conditions and the prices you can easily afford.

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