Chandra Nandini 3rd January 2017 Full Episode 62-video-DailyBN


14 years later

Padmananda has turned into an extremely onerous ruler, abusing his praja (subjects) for more charges. His lone shortcoming is his little girl nandini whom he adores more than his life. It is likewise because of Nandini that Nanda has saved the life of Avantika, whom he has now no enthusiasm for. Moora is still held hostage by Nanda. Then again Chandragupta has grown up as an everyday citizen except holds incredible friendship for his temporary mother Kanika, even not wavering to battle with his lush non-permanent father to shield her from his anger and expanding weight for giving over cash. To bolster his mom monetarily, Chandra sets out for Pataliputra.



He goes into Pataliputra with the extraordinary coin with (the illustrious sign of Magadh installed on) that Mahaamatya (Executive) of Magadh Rakshas had already given him in the wake of being awed with his respectable qualities, his rich beliefs and athletic aptitudes. He then is stunned to perceive how remorseless Nanda is, tormenting his subjects seriously for expenses.

He then additionally discovers Moora in the city who was then being wiped by the troopers of Nanada on his request. He some way or another figures out how to ensure Moora briefly and afterward likewise gets a look of Rajkumari Nandini. In the interim Chanakya watches Chandragupta’s exercises and some place in his mind considers that Chandra would one be able to day turn into the brilliant and strong leader of India he is scanning for and can satisfy his fantasy of Akhanda Bharatvarsh .

Chandra goes up against Nanda about his wrong doings yet Nanda pay no regard to his fomentation and gets him tossed out of his site. Then again, the Greek head, Alexander The Incomparable with his officers meddles into Hindustan planning to vanquish the land. Chanakya visits Raja Padmananda at his court to alert him of the likelihood of an intrusion from the Greeks, however Nanda giving careful consideration to his disturbing tosses Chanakya out of the sabha subsequent to offending him to be only a homeless person. Chanakya, before leaving, cautions Nanda that his aspiration will one day bring his defeat and Chanakya, whom Nanda offended as a hobo, will be the one in charge of his decay. Chanakya shows tyke Chandra every one of the aptitudes of a ruler.

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