Cause Of Pancreatic Cancer


What is Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is the kind of cancer that begins with the organ lying behind the lower part of the stomach. Tissues of pancreatic, normally in this type of cancer are hard to find as it doesn’t have a lot of symptoms, it has symptoms like weight loss or body pain only, and because of that it’s undetected late and grows rapidly. This cancer seems about 3 percent of all cancers in use, which is more common in men than women.

Causes of Pancreatic Cancer

In normal cases, healthy cells grow and dies numerically, but in this case of cancer, cells are grown abnormal unhealthy which take the place of the healthy cells, so pancreatic cancers cause are unknown, but there is some cause we can discuss

Inherited gene mutations

Likewise, other cancers can also be given by parents. Up to 10 percent of pancreatic cancer may cause by a genetic problem. So, whose family history has this pancreatic Cancer has a high risk for their next generation.

Cigarette smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol are the most major pancreatic cancers cause. Drinking and smoking will double the risk of this cancer. So anyway, whoever is smoking or drinking alcohol needs to quit smoking.

Age and gender

As we study men are more affected than women in Pancreatic cancer and with that Age is also another major factor pancreatic cancer causes because the risk of this cancer increase with age in fact according to a report 90percent of this Cancer patient is older than 55 and 70percent of this cancer patients are older than 65.

Obesity and physical inactive

Being physically inactive or being overweight can cause pancreatic cancer. This is also a risk factor that is on a little healthier side. However, everyone who is overweight can have pancreatic cancer later.


Diabetes is very much related to pancreatic cancer. So, diabetes is such a disease that low down our body parts, which becomes a cause for pancreatic cancer. And it increases the risk for the person who has diabetes, especially when someone has had diabetes for many years.

Hepatitis B infection

Hepatitis viruses are something that will affect the liver. And that somewhere damages the liver, increasing the risk for the person who is going through or had hepatitis B. And according to one study number of patients with pancreatic cancer is a little more than patients who are infect with hepatitis B.


Drinking too much alcohol can cause cirrhosis because it damages liver cells. That increased cirrhosis and some other cirrhosis diseases are also becoming pancreatic cancer causes.


Pancreatic cancer is dangerous because it affects our digestive system and is hard to find, and symptoms are not there, so one will not get the right time so that treatment will be late. And the best thing to avoid is to be healthy and quiet, smoke, and drink alcohol.

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