Carry Out An Energy Audit At Home


Every home owner is looking for ways save energy and most are ready to a professional to come and do a proper energy audit of the home. Although getting a professional is the right thing to do and most probably the main thing to do, when you are trying to look for ways to make your home energy efficient you have to get practical. In this term Residential Solar Lighting System is a wonderful method.

As homeowner, you can get creative and do simple things at home to reduce your energy consumption. This will need you to do an energy audit at home without the help of an energy expert. Even if you have installed solar power Sydney has weather that can easily compromise house hold installations thereby making them less energy efficient. There is some reputable Solar Lights Suppliers South Africa available you can use their services for best result. Even homes that are newly built may still have energy issues given that technology for ensuring energy efficiency is rapidly changing on a daily basis.

Try to locate sources of energy leaks

If you can try to reduce sources of draft in your house, you may be able to reduce your energy consumption by at least five 5% and sometimes up to 30% by using the services of Solar Lights Manufacturer South Africa. Check for area where it is possible to have air leaks such as at the bottom of doors. Look for any unusual spaces along the floor and around the ceilings. Also check for where air leaks may be occurring on the outside.  Look at places like frames of doors and windows, electrical cables, fans, and attics. As you go about detecting the leaks, make sure to take a note of the places where you will need to work on later

Contain any air leaks

After you are sure you have done your best to locate areas in the house where air leaks are occurring, you now have to look for the right material to seal the leaks. You will most properly use a liquid substance called caulk. Before you go ahead and seal the leaks with caulk, ensure that you have assessed the house ventilation needs. As an added tip, you can use the caulk to seal any leaks around faucets and pipes. If you are unable to find out, try Led Solar Light Manufacturers South Africa service.

Think of ventilation

As mentioned earlier you should think about ventilation when sealing air leaks to ensure that appliances in the house do not have to compete for the available air. This can lead to poisonous substances that should have sent out of the house being dragged back in leading to poor indoor quality. This can be potentially dangerous to the occupants of the house. So read the guidelines and other important things before using Residential Solar Lights South Africa.

Also check house insulation

Your house may have been built at a time when the requirements for energy installations were not so high. Today this may be different and it may be necessary to check that you house insulation standards meet the minimum requirements.

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