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Everything You Must Know About Canvas Tent

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In many instances, campers usually find themselves wandering through passageways of big box sores and wonder about the right camping products. Most of the campers actually have access to a variety of camping options when it comes to enjoy the great outdoors, of which most of the campers tend to stock the tents that come with very few whistles and bells and this makes it challenging for them to distinguish what is the best tent for your camping needs. Luckily, there is a type of tent which is amazing for some situations and it is Canvas Tent.

In order to understand why this tent is amazing tool for campers it is important that you know the difference between the canvas and nylon tent materials. Few factors which can be compared between the canvas and nylon tents include overall durability, weight of the tent and how waterproofing works.

The Canvas Material

Earlier the canvas tents were made out of cotton material. But with the advancement in technology, many new changes were made in the materials and manufacturers have upgraded the materials with a blend of canvas and other fabrics. The common material used as a blend is polyester and this blend offers some of the plus points of nylon and great things of canvas, while reducing the negative effects of both the materials.

The Positive Side of Canvas Tent

Regardless of the blend and material, the Canvas Tents offer some of the best strengthening benefits which you can’t find in any of other types of tents available out there. This is because of the standard construction style and the firmness of the materials used for designing. The Canvas Tents are the ultimate choice for campers who are looking for a cosy spot to stay for a while. This is the type of tent that offers ample space for living and higher stability for camping, especially for those campers who are on driving their camping locations.

Campers and groups that are looking for a perfect tent which can also be used for other activities can settle with Canvas Tents as it offers the perfect settings for a variety of occasions ranging from outdoor meal times to scouting events and weddings.

Overall Weight of Canvas Tent

Most of the hikers and campers prefer buying the nylon tent and this is because of its lightweight and the poles that support the structure of the tent is foldable and easy to carry. But, with the development in technologies and manufacturing, the Canvas Tent is also becoming lightweight and it can offers higher portability and durability to demographics which were previously leaned for nylon tents.

Since the technology is progressing, it is becoming easier and possible for campers to see further shifts in favour of these canvas tents which are now considered as the all-purpose solution to the camping requirements.

Breathability and Indoor Temperature

Canvas Tents are not commonly used in backpacking and they are always used in longer term trips and hence they are manufactured with durability and heartiness in mind. The heavy material that is used for designing the Canvas Tents can generate a good sense of indoor temperature control.

The blend of polyester and cotton material helps in maintaining the god indoor temperature than the tent made out of nylon and the breathability of the fabrics ensures less chance of condensation collection.


In regards to condensation, both canvas and nylon tents require a bit of care. Mold formation is possible on the canvas materials if it is not properly dried. So, it is necessary that you take proper care of the canvas to prevent the mold growth. But the material that is blended offers the best middle ground between these two types of fabrics.


The material that is used for designing the canvas tents are more durable and longer lasting than the nylon tents. They don’t tear or wear easily and quickly. It comes with reinforced corners and this allows the tent to be used for any regular camping. If there is any tears or pulls on the material of the tent, then this style of tent is very easy for repairing. If blended material is used then it would offer higher strength and durability.

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