Can Proton Pump Inhibitors Prevent Esophageal Cancer


Poor eating habit is the main reason behind acid reflux, which is a problem that happens to everyone these days. Acid reflux on a regular basis is alarming, as it can potentially lead to major concerns like esophageal cancer. Chronic acid reflux is the reason behind esophageal cancer. The esophageal tube gets damaged due to chronic acid reflux problem. Injuries or ulcers have been created at the inside walls of the esophageal tube. As a result, there is always a risk of the occurrence of cancer. To avoid this problem, you need to find the right treatments for GERD or acid reflux.

Treatments for Acid Reflux

When it comes to the treatment of chronic acid reflux, you shall find various solutions. Now, you need to keep in mind that over the counter medicines for acid reflux can provide you temporary relief. These medicines cannot provide you permanent relief against acid reflux. If you want permanent relief against acid reflux, you need to change your lifestyle and food habit. You should switch to eating foods that come with lesser oil and spices. Nevertheless, you have to sleep properly. Lack of sleeping leads to a high acidity level to your body.

Proton Pump Inhibitors for Acid Reflux Treatment

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI) are the medications that can be used for the treatment of acid reflux. It can help to reduce excessive acid levels in your stomach. With the H2 receptors, you can reduce the acidity level in your stomach. When acidity level is reduced, the chance of occurrence of acid reflux is also reduced. PPI aims to reduce the production of acid inside your stomach. For the digestion of foods, it is quite obvious that acid is needed to break the food particles. But, excessive acid secretion from the walls of the stomach can lead to acid reflux. With PPI, the secretion of acid can be managed. It tends to reduce the production of acid in your stomach.

How PPI Works?

Now, it is interesting to know how PPI works. Different medications of acid reflux work in different ways. You need to find the right medication for the treatment of acid reflux for your body. PPI works well for everyone, as it has an interesting way to work. It helps to decrease acid production in your stomach. It could take 4 to 12 weeks to see the worthy result with proton pump inhibitors. With its H2 receptor blockers, it can reduce acidity levels inside your stomach meticulously.

Risk of Using Proton Pump Inhibitors

Though PPI is beneficial for the treatment of acid reflux, there are some risks too. You need to understand the risks properly before you opt for this healing method for your chronic acid reflux disorder. If you use PPI frequently, you may fall victim to indigestion issues. Due to indigestion, you may also suffer from malnutrition. As a result, the overall agility of your body will decrease. You shall also face premature aging issues due to malnutrition.

If you choose PPI for the treatment of acid reflux, it is always good to consult a doctor before opting for this medication.

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