Call All Real Agents! Need Ideas For Your Next Super Star Video? We’ve Got You Covered!

Everest Direct Mail & Marketing employs talented multimedia producers, highly trained and skilled in all aspects of video creation.


Having videos is a great way to market your business. YouTube, Facebook Live and Instagram all offer the ability for you to post videos. These can generate leads, develop a brand and attract buyers and sellers. There are many ideas out there for real estate marketing videos. But, before you start posting videos of random listed houses, you have to develop a vision for what you want to produce. You don’t need to book a video production company to get started. You can shoot from your own phone and edit in programs such as Windows Movie Maker or Mac’s iMovie. You won’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get the results that you want. Most people enjoy watching quick videos that they can relate to and are extensions of their own reality and lives. You can produce that with your phone on the “steady” mode.

Next, you have to figure out what kind of video you want to shoot. Will it be a simple tour of a home you have just listed or will it be a teaching video? Do you want a theme, a plot, a storyline? There are so many variations for a short film for your business that the idea list is endless! Here are a few ideas for you to think about while writing the story line.

Real estate marketing videos, whether you are a buyers agent or a listing agent (or both), can create a strong brand and body of work. Upload the video on YouTube, Vimeo, Sprout, Twitch, Shutterfly, Facebook and Instagram and then share on your website, in newsletters and email campaigns. Use local keywords from your area since real estate sales are so location specific, and hashtags for the subject matter.

Shoot videos of the neighborhood where the listed house stands.

If the home is of a certain age or era, shoot a video angled towards that time.

Give a tour of the Condo complex and all of its amenities.

Shoot a Condo training film that explains how ownership works and the laws and regulations.

Shoot several videos for First Time Home Buyers.

Give realtor tips videos to clients who are just getting started.

Do another that answers the question “why you need to have financing in place before looking”

Or “what to look for when buying a new home”

Post a video that explains why you need a real estate agent when buying new construction

How to be realistic about what features you can get with the money you have

Affordable housing options for first time buyer

Then there are the videos for the home seller.

How to declutter a home for the perfect showing and open house.

Ways to make your landscaping look good with curb appeal and first impressions.

How to price your home to sell.

How to handle a lowball offer (should you be offended or counter?)

How to prepare for an open house.

What should you fix before the home inspection period.

Show the home improvements to make for the most money when you sell.

How to have a successful showing with good smells, lots of light and flower.

How to sell for top dollar in the fastest time possible.

You can make videos for people buying luxury homes.

Show what some of those spectacular amenities can be in a luxury home.

Put together a video that shows the different types of walls you will need for living on the ocean front or on the side of a mountain.

Driveways, fences and other security measures can be addressed.

Shoot one that shows what people look for in luxury homes and another for expansive yards and landscapes.

Then you can make videos that will teach people the ins and outs of real estate.

What are closing costs and who pays for the?

What is an escrow account?

How to negotiate repairs of the home before purchasing.

What types of insurance and property insurance is needed.

And then, of course, you should shoot videos about the area. The local parks, lakes, restaurants, shopping, schools, festivals and other things to do will make for lively videos.

In order to market your business and solidify your brand in people’s minds, you have to think outside the box. What are your competitors not doing? Sometimes potential clients don’t want to read a letter, an email, or a short postcard. They might not even want to scroll through a website to learn about a business.They want something quick that excites them and teaches them at the same time. This is where a professional, high-quality promotional video can come in and save the day. A unique, interesting and short promotional video can help display your business and the products and services you provide, while adding to your professionalism and helping your name stick within a person’s mind. Everest Direct Mail & Marketing employs talented multimedia producers, highly trained and skilled in all aspects of video creation. Let us create an original and captivating promotional video for your business!