Cable Vs Streaming Service: Which One is Better and Why


When the word entertainment hits our ear, our mind unintentionally turns towards the television. Yes, the ultimate source of entertainment is primarily television with a list of never-ending channel lineup. Our fathers and forefathers used to watch television to know what’s happening around. Although the choices were limited, still primetime shows and weekend movies were enough to satisfy their hunger.

Fast forward, we are now in the age where entertainment is just a tap away. You pick out your smartphone, turn on your television, or power up your laptop, find any source of entertainment within minutes.

However, those who rely on television to watch their favorite channels often get puzzled with the question, whether to stay with cable services or shift to streaming one. Probably one of the reasons for switching is the whopping cable bill. Moreover, some of the cable providers also put in some additional charges without telling the details to the subscribers.

Generally, the bills can surge to as much as $150 or more per month. If you are thinking of cutting the cord completely, make sure to give this post a thorough read. We will shed some light on differences and similarities, pros and cons, and which, one should you choose. So without delaying any further let’s get started.

Cable TV

Cable TV is commonly found in every house. With few changes in channel lineup, almost everyone is showing up similar programming. From news channels to sports networks and food channel to kids programming, cable TV fulfills almost everyone’s liking. In most cases, cable providers offer a bundle attached with a telephone and high-speed internet. Without worrying about paying the bills individually for all three services, you get to pay one bill for all three. If you haven’t come across any such plan, we would recommend you to check Spectrum bundles that include everything a modern household needs.

The cable TV also comes with a TV guide that helps you find the channel number and schedule of TV shows. Cable TV is an ideal option for a family with a different set of audiences that includes sports lovers, movie buffs, news munchers, and cartoon freaks.

Over time, cable services have improved with a new set of cable boxes that are lean and compact. Don’t worry about space because these cable boxes would take as much space as a book on a shelf. Apart from getting compact and lean, the cable boxes are integrated with modern features that everyone loves to have. For instance, HDR and 4K videos are a few to mention. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are also available in a few cable boxes that allow you to control everything from your voice. Leave the remote wherever it is and start changing channels, turn the volume up and down simply by saying the command.

Some cable providers have also developed applications available on the iOS and Android marketplace to help you watch TV on the go. You just need to login to your account and stream TV series and movies while you travel on the bus or waiting for someone at a park.

A few of the disadvantages of cable TV is that customer support is not up to the mark. Firstly you will need to wait for hours to get your queries to be heard, and once someone responds to your call, the time it would take to solve the query remains a mystery.

As mentioned earlier that the cable TV subscribers are moving away from it due to the high cost of bills. The average cost of cable TV per annum accumulates to $1200-$1500. Plus the hidden charges are not told by any service provider. Some service providers also lock you in a contract, which means if you cancel the subscription, you need to pay cancellation charges for the remaining period.

Streaming Services

In the previous section, we have analyzed every aspect of cable TV including cost, channels, and pros and cons. Now it’s time to shed some light on streaming TV. When it comes to streaming TV, most people find it quite economical and easy to go for. As cable TV subscribers are often paying for channels that they don’t watch – streaming TV is quite opposite. You only need to pay for what you want to watch. No more, no less. For instance, if you want to watch Netflix original series, you only need to pay anywhere around $9-$15 to watch shows in HD or SD.

Moreover, if you are a frequent traveler and can’t cancel the cable plan to avoid hefty cancellation fees, then a streaming service is the best alternative. One of the reasons most of the nomads and travelers prefer streaming service is that it offers ease and convenience without breaking the bank. Watch as much as you want and pay for what’s being asked for.

Also, to watch shows on streaming platforms, you don’t need to set up equipment or go through the tedious installation process. Just log in to your account and watch on any devices including smartphone, desktop, laptop, gaming console, or television. You can watch any TV series or show at your preferred time.

In the past, the price hike has been seen in most of the streaming services. But that isn’t near to bills of cable TV. Some of the streaming services also offer you a wide range of channel lineups for as low as $15 per month.

As compared to cable TV, streaming service is much more economical. Most of the cable service providers charge $10 to $20 per month for cable box. While that is not true in the case of streaming service. You can find some of the providers offering free DVR option to record your favorite program and watch it later.

Summing Up

The war between cable and streaming TV would never come to an end. It depends on your preference and liking which one suits you and why. It is hard to impose any decision on any of our readers. But if you are not going to leave your house anytime, the best option is to go for cable TV, despite it being costlier than streaming service.

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