Boost Up Your Ecommerce Business in the Crisis of Pandemic


With the arrival of COVID-19 pandemic, countries took drastic steps to curb the spread of the disease and people were put under lockdown. They had access to only the most basic of things and all businesses suffered. eCommerce was also not spared. As things started opening slowly, this was also the fastest to start operations. Since people were scared to get out of their homes, they relied on eCommerce for the fulfilment of all their needs.

To make sure they do not miss out, a lot of businesses that were purely brick-and-mortar also started selling their goods online and the already tough competition became tougher. Now that many businesses have actively adopted ecommerce solutions, each business has to look out for itself and boost its sales. What are the different ways that can help your business to grow under the given circumstances?

Basic Ecommerce SEO

Under this head, you would need to use the standard SEO strategies for eCommerce but with a difference. Under SEO, you have to ensure that it is technically equipped to facilitate efficient crawling by search engines like Google and Bing. If you have a lot of local business, you should also undertake local SEO to avoid losing your existing business to the competition. Through this post, you will be able to learn about the basic components of eCommerce SEO and how they help in business development.

Researching the Keywords

First, you need to understand what keywords are. These are words that are used by consumers to search for answers to questions they might have. Consumers search for a lot of topics online. What you need to be concerned are the queries for which you are likely to have an answer. Since this is all about eCommerce website development, your keywords would be related to the products that you sell.

When you select the keywords, you must take care of two aspects. Firstly, avoid keywords that may be difficult to rank for. You will not be able to make it to the first page as there are too many contenders. As a second point, you must not choose keywords that are not used very often by consumers as they will fail to get any traffic to your website. High-intent keywords and those that are closely related to your product will get better results.

Optimization of the Keyword

Once you have collated the keywords, you have to include them on your website. With eCommerce, the best way they can be used is in the descriptions of the product. You must try and include the LSI terms around your keywords to make it easier for the search engine to understand the content on your page. You can also use the keywords in videos or blog posts on the website.

Structure of Your Website

An eCommerce website should be such that when consumers visit it to look for a product, they should be able to do so easily. Having well-organised menus and sub-menus is one way to make it easy. Another aspect that you must take care of is the search function. This is a basic necessity in a website that sells products form a large number of categories. Consumers prefer a short-cut to the product rather than going through the menu to find the product. If consumers are just browsing, they could spend time exploring the categories you offer, but when they are clear about the product, a search function is extremely helpful.

Category Pages and Product Pages

You must use your keywords on the category pages as well as the individual product pages of the eCommerce website. You must use them to create relevant URLs for these pages. The same is applicable for the subcategories. The relevant keywords must also be included in the title tags, body copy, image text and title and metadata.

Speed of the Website

An eCommerce website must have multiple images of the products they are selling. Since the consumers cannot see and feel the product, they like to check the product from the images. These images need to be good quality, but at the same time, you must ensure that given the size and volume of the images, they do not slow down your website. A website that takes too long to load can certainly annoys the consumers as well as Google.

These are the basics of ecommerce SEO services; you have to take care that you apply the same knowledge to every page of your website. Since the products are very large in number, this can appear to be a mammoth task, but it must be done for successfully helping the business. If your website is better than that of your competition, your conversions will also be higher. You can do many things to make the website more engaging and attractive for your customers.

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