Book Report Writing Service: How to Differ a Professional and a Fraud


Book reports consume much time and energy. A person has to find a quiet place and concentrate on reading. A book often contains more than 500 pages, so it is quite problematic to read it at once. Moreover, students seldom live alone. Noise and even someone’s presence can distract from reading. Consequently, an individual fails to do everything properly. 

A typical professional book report writing service hires academic experts who dedicate their time to writing. It is their job and passion. They guarantee high quality and uniqueness. Nevertheless, there are many agencies which just take the money and then scam their clients. How to identify fraud?

5 Hints to Understand That You Have Found a Cheater

Students often fear to turn to professionals who could be not professionals at all. It is rather difficult to recognize a fraud but it is possible. There are 5 signs which one can find on a fake website.

Pricing Policy

Nobody says that cheap is always bad but not in this case. People work to earn money. If a writer gets $1 per page, he or she will have either to find another job or to neglect the quality. That is why a customer should pay attention to prices first. 

The best variant is to investigate the market price. As a rule, one page costs from 8 to 12 dollars (depending on complexity and deadline). Lower price states either for a discount (for regular customers) or for frauds who just want to scam their clients. 

One should understand that $5 per page means that a writer gets only half because the other half goes to the company. The organization invests this money into website promotion, copyright notice, advertising, etc. Is it possible to get a high-quality paper for $2.5 per page? Would you like to work having such a salary?


The next thing one should consider is the offered deadline. Scam companies usually provide advertisements like these.


  • We provide research papers within an hour.
  • Do you need a thesis paper tomorrow? We can do it!
  • You forgot about your dissertation but the deadline is tomorrow or even today?! Don’t worry! Our writers face the toughest deadlines! 


Good research needs time. A performer has to surf the Internet, visit libraries or, if necessary, interview and check the theory applying some experiments. Is it possible to do within an hour? An expert is capable to write a one-page essay only which does not demand deep research. For example, a personal narrative often belongs to such tasks. Professors usually need a student’s viewpoint or impression. So, a writer might express a personal point of view. He or she knows everything about formatting. That is why an expert provides formatting automatically. Other types of research papers demand more time to meet college requirements.

Quality of the Landing Page and About Us Section

Now it is time to have a look at the landing page and the section called “About Us”. Why do these constituents can reveal fraud? 

  1. A company does not have a copyright notice. As a rule, it is at the bottom of the page. Plagiarism guarantees only low marks and even expulsion. 
  2. There is no contact information in the ‘About Us’ section. Trustworthy writing agencies provide a phone number, valid email, and sometimes even address to their customers. Due to that, a student has a chance to ask questions to find out details of the deal. Moreover, official contacts prove the legacy of the service.
  3. Articles on websites are of low quality. If the landing page has many mistakes, the grammar is broken, this service will never guarantee high-level book reports.
  4. Information lacks systematizing. Good writing agencies develop their sites. They fill them with structured and informative articles. There are different sections. The navigation system should be user-friendly. If one gets confused when looking for some data, this service is of medium or low quality. 
  5. Articles are hard to read. Non-native speakers often lack good vocabulary. They use long and complicated for reading sentences. Unqualified native speakers make many grammar and formatting mistakes. Can a book report correspond to college requirements if it is performed by such pseudo experts?

Testimonials and Feedback of Clients

Everybody knows a moderator will never let customers post negative feedback. They delete such comments on the spot. What to do? There are many sites and communities devoted to FAQ. People ask questions about everything they are interested in. A person can also learn about the best writing services there. Senior students might suggest choosing a concrete service regarding personal experience. The company must have a fine reputation, fair prices, and zero-plagiarism works.

Payment Procedure

The last indicator of a cheating company is the way of payment it demands. Doubtful companies never cooperate with world-famous payments systems like MasterCard, PayPal, UnionPay, Visa, etc. Why? The reason is obvious. These payment systems do not want to deal with fraud and punish those who mislead clients. In case a website demands only credit cards, a person should beware of cheaters. It is absolutely not safe to give private information to such companies. 


Book report writing service can become a student’s best friend. Professionals supply their customers with qualitative book reports, essays, and lots of research papers on time. No need to worry about the deadline and college demands. Experts are ready to perform tasks of any complexity.

Just choose the right one and succeed!

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