Blinds and Curtains: Reasons to choose as curtains


When it comes to choosing dressing for your window, you may be caught up in all the marketing hype. If you follow only the convincing adverts that fill the television screens, you may end up buying blinds of curtains that you may never use because they are out of place. Some people may be wondering about the mention of blinds and curtains in one sentence. Are they not the same thing? Too many people, there is no difference in saying a roller blind or a roller curtain. However it is important to know that there are differences between these two appellations. In this article we look at the difference between blinds and curtains and some advantages of using blinds.


Blinds are made mostly from wood, plastic or other synthetic material. They usually come in splats or sometimes as a whole. There are mainly four different types of these blinds. There are roller blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds and roman blinds. Roller blinds are fixed on wooden or metal rollers and can be pulled down or up. Venetian blinds are made of horizontal splats that pull into a group anytime the attached cord is tugged. Vertical blinds are just like venetian blinds only as the name suggest, they have vertical splats which are arranged in overlap to enable perfect shutting out of light if needed. Roman blinds are blinds that form a fold when they are pulled.


Those fabric or cloth that is commonly seen hanging from Made To Measure Curtains holders in most houses are what is referred to as curtains. Curtains are made of cloth and they come in different colors, patterns and sizes. It is very easy with curtains to complement the existing d├ęcor thanks to the fact that they come in all these different designs ready for use. Apart from protecting the house from outside onlookers, curtains can be used to partition spaces such as dividing a living space into a living quarters and sleeping quarter.

Although blinds and curtains will serve almost the same purpose, blinds have some added advantages over blinds. These include among others;

  • Ease of cleaning: It is faster and easier to clean Custom Curtains than blinds. If you had curtains, you may be required to pull them down and do some heavy duty cleaning every once in while. For blinds you may never have to take them done. Sometimes simple dusting will be enough. Even when dusting is not enough, these curtains can be comfortably cleaned without removing them from the window.
  • Flexible: when using curtain it is easy to vary what you want to do with the blinds. Sometimes you may decide to partially close them or only have closed the splat. There are not many options when you use blinds. Blackout curtains allow you to open and close.
  • Security: When it comes to fire hazards, curtains are a big health and safety danger as in a case of fire; they will easily go up in flames. That is why increasingly more people are making use of curtains which offer better security from such disasters as fire.

Cost effective: when it comes to price, curtains are easily affordable than blinds.

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