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Bird Watching in China: 3 Amazing Places to Check out for Magnificent Bird Species

Are you wondering where you will be traveling while birding in China? Learn all about the places here.

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China has recorded more than thousands of bird species. People around the world visit the country only to notice numerous birdies. The vast country is home to spectacular nature reserves. For this reason, birding enthusiasts find immense pleasure here. Bird watching has always been a popular activity and it is growing in China. The increased development in tourism is influenced by international bird watchers, too.

As the cool summer breeze touches the hiker’s face, the warm sunlight delights his heart. The beautiful singing bird flying around is just like a movie scene.  For many, the first sight of a Chinese Fulvetta may leave a lifelong impression. The snowy mountains and lush pastures compliment the scene in an effortless way. Coming back to the birds, Chinese golden pheasant is a special one to consider. This has an official symbol in the civilian duties. Also, the bird is an emblem of happiness, beauty, and prosperity. You can find golden pheasant around the rocky hills. If you wish to find out other exquisite birds during bird watching in China, don’t forget to check out the following places.

Mengbi Mountain

This is one of the scenic mountain areas in Sichuan and the popularity lies behind flora and fauna. If you are here in early summer, you can immerse yourself into the riot of color. Apart from the vibrant nature, Tibetan culture is an additional perk. Mengbi Mountain is located between Maerkang and Xiaojin County. The scenic area is responsible for welcoming numerous birdies. It is easy to find the rare and endemic bird species near Mengbi Mountain. Sichuan Jay, Chestnut-throated Monal Partridge, Chinese Grouse, and Three-banded Rosefinch – these are the special attractions amidst the abundant pastures and grasslands.

Rilong Town

Located in Xiaojin County, Rilong town has been attracting nature lovers all over the world. The place is about 3,160m above sea-level. But you don’t necessarily need to be a hiker for benefitting out of the place. The deep drive leaves you to an unbelievable landscape of Qionglai Mountain. In the meantime, you will get a golden opportunity to notice White-winged Grosbeak, Chinese Beautiful Rosefinch, Wall Creeper, and Pink-rumped Rosefinch. The diversified landforms and beautiful geographical location may be the reasons behind the wonderful birdies.

Flower Lake

The nature lake Ruoergai County is a heavenly place for birdies. There is vast grassland in the country. Tucked away from the urban chaos, Flower Lake has been a special retreat. The whole place is filled with wildflowers and the red flowers enhance the beauty of the surrounding. Thanks to the splendid nature’s bounty, the number of birds flying around is astonishing. White-browed tit, Slaty-backed Flycatcher, Three-toed Woodpecker, and Ferruginous Duck are the popular birds to be found. The virgin forests provide solace to the tourists and a large number of laughingthrush families, too. After spending a great deal of time near Flower Lake, you can witness Common Kestrel, Rufous-necked Snowfinch, and Lammergeier around Baxi Forest.

If you wish to find a memorable experience and photograph a wide range of birds, book Sichuan birding tours now.

Author bio: Meng Jen is a travel enthusiast who has identified endemic species with Sichuan birding tours numerous times. Here, he talks about a few places that are important for finding native birds during bird watching in China.


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