Big Data Consulting Services


What are Big Data Consulting Services?

Consulting services for Big Data spans the entire range from data assessments to business strategy to implementation.  A large number and variety of businesses, apart from system-integration consultants, IT consultants, PR firms, survey research firms, brand management firms, marketing firms and business consultants offer these services.  These services help harness the power of big data and include the following:

  • Big Data Analytics labs across multiple locations for product evaluation and performance bench-marking.
  • Innovative frameworks, tailored to industry requirements, to meet unique domain needs.
  • Big Data tool-kits for domain specific KPIs.
  • Performance management and next-generation analytics for effective business transformation.
  • Assistance to developers, architects, data scientists, and advanced visualization specialists through exclusive academies for Big Data Analytics.
  • Assessment of ‘As-Is and To-Be’ IT landscape.
  • Formulating Big-Data strategy, developing a Big-Data maturity road-map, and reference architecture and fostering partnerships and alliances with industry leading product vendors.
  • Industry solution accelerators and data aggregators.
  • Get real-time insights from the different data sources.
  • Controlling events that would have an adverse impact business performance, and thereby, minimize risks.
  • Save time and costs by accessing the right data when you need them the most.
  • Break down information silos from different business units by integrating data and creating holistic data strategies.
  • Enhance data security and plug revenue leakage.
  • Develop a scalable and agile environment by leveraging Cloud solutions.

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These service experts deliver Big Data and analytics services to help firms strengthen their IT foundation and realize new possibilities that would accelerate growth. They assist organizations in improving operational efficiency and lower their risk with enterprise data solutions.  With the proliferation of digital devices, IoT and sensors, the volume, variety, and velocity (three Vs) of data is growing more complex and when firms add them to their traditional data infrastructure it is even more complex.  Variability and value are the latest additions to the list. Top data consultants approach Big Data not as a buzzword, but as a solution for strategic business decision-making. They have a team of experts, who offer clients the best technology consulting and services while implementing their Big Data plans.

Business Benefits of Big Data Consulting

If managed properly, Big-Data can yield immense business benefits. In today’s business environment, driven by data, organizations have better chances to succeed than their counterparts that ignore Big Data.  Some of the benefits that can accrue by engaging big-data consulting services are as follows:

  • Enhance operational efficiency and gain competitive edge over rivals.
  • Manage capacity planning and performance.
  • Continuous upgrade and data optimization.
  • Define strategies by creating a workable blueprint for realizing data goals.
  • Discover use cases by getting a self-service business intelligence model for the business team.
  • Build Proof-of-Concepts and carry out feasibility studies of whether the solutions would be implementable.
  • Provide the right solution for every data requirement through technology evaluation and recommendations.


  • Reduce support and data operations costs by getting fast access to data in one place.


  • Use enhanced AI technologies and data analytics to improve business outcomes.
  • Enhance customer experiences by revealing actionable insights through better analytics.

Organizations of all sizes, must increasingly make data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the competition.  The large volumes of data generated through user or client interactions, social media, devices and connected hardware can provide deep insights into consumer behavior and derive actionable intelligence, if analyzed properly.  Increase in profitability, growth of business and service quality through tweaking of product offerings, and smarter business decision are some of the outcomes of such analysis.

The World’s Largest Big Data Project

Aadhar is a 12-digit unique identity number (UIN) issued for Indian citizens.  This happens to be the largest project in the world for implementation of Big Data.  Initially, the Government of India had their Hadoop Big Data implemented on early version of Cloudera distribution. They wanted to migrate to any latest Hadoop distribution.  Leading big data consulting firm GrayMatter, provided best-in-class Hadoop consulting & implementation expertise, which enabled the best fit solution. 


Thus, we see how big-data can yield immense business benefits in today’s business environment.  Organizations driven by data, have better chances to succeed than their counterparts that ignore Big Data.  Organizations need to put in place a comprehensive Big Data enabled platform. This should be able to perform multiple analysis including business critical off-line analysis.  This, in turn, would allow multiple vendor agencies to use this platform seamlessly and successfully. Most important of all, such a platform would allow for successful authentication of user information.

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