Bhuvan Bam: The Actor Who Played Different Characters In The Hit Web Series Dhindora


About the series


Featuring Bhuvan bam, the show is known as Dhindora. The story revolves around a girl, who accidentally falls in love with her employer’s son.


Famous Bhuvan bam had said in an interview, “I have heard a lot of people say they love the actor in a film. But when I see the actor and I look at his face I can’t understand his ability. So, I have decided to play different characters, and see what people have to say about it.”


Bhuvan Bam Felt Good Playing Different Characters


Talking about how playing different characters is not easy, Bhuvan bam said, “If I am playing a character who is loyal I can’t be looking up to someone who is into escapism.”


In the second episode, Bhumika Iyer Ghosh portrays a beautiful woman named Meera but in the third episode, Bhumika Ghosh will play a clumsy woman.


About Bhuvan Bam


Bhuvan bam is an Indian YouTube sensation known for his dance performances and funny videos. The Internet sensation gained the success with his parody videos and songs.


Bhuvan Bam Father


Bhuvan Bam started his journey in 2010 by participating in several TV shows. He did his schooling from JJ college of technology and bachelor’s from Satyajit Das College of Commerce and Economics. After completing his education, he started his career as an autorickshaw driver.


Recently he released a new video of Dhindora on his official YouTube page and the video has already garnered the amount of 1 million views. Bhuvan Bam recently married to his childhood friend.


Bhuvan Bam’s Net Worth


Bhuvan Bam made his debut in 2015 and since then he never looked back.


Different Characters Played by Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam Used High Gigg Motion In Your Series 

Most of the roles are comedy based and Bhuvan has played double roles as a waiter and child. He also did a very funny role where he played 3 different roles. He has played the role of servant and a contractor. The role of a teacher was also played by Bhuvan Bam. He also has done a role where he played a baiyaa (housekeeper).


‘Happy story is indeed with you.’


Bhuvan bam has given a befitting reply to people who are criticizing the popular comedians on the internet saying that, they are destroying the entertainment industry. He said that the happy story is indeed with you.


‘I’m not making fun of people who want to kill themselves. I’m just expressing my views.




This man is the most amazing artist of India and in my opinion, he is the best comedian in India today.


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