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Best Sources of Current Affairs for UPSC

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Union Public Services Commission offers diverse and challenging career opportunities for the youth of the country. Preparing current affairs for UPSC is of utmost importance to the aspirants as the weightage given to the number of current affairs based questions has increased exponentially over the years.

The best way to test one’s UPSC Preparation is by constantly testing and working the results and figuring out where one is making mistakes and needs to focus more on. Current Affairs Quiz can help the aspirants in understanding what they are missing in their current affairs preparation for IAS Exam.

The exam requires an aspirant to be well abreast with current affairs. With a huge number of sources available online as well as in the market, it is very important for aspirants to choose authentic sources that cover most of the current events relevant to the UPSC syllabus, to make sure that one’s time is not wasted on unnecessary and irrelevant material.

Read on to find out the best sources for current affairs preparation for the civil services exam.


Newspaper reading is an indispensable part of your UPSC preparation. A candidate must and should read at least one newspaper thoroughly on a daily basis.

  • The issues covered in the newspapers relevant to UPSC syllabus must be covered in detail.
  • It is advisable to make notes from the newspaper reading, as it will come handy during the revisions.
  • Though there is no restriction on the choice of newspaper, it is advisable to read “The Hindu” or “Indian Express”.

The Editorial section becomes extremely important as in this section, an issue is stated, its background explained and a possible solution is arrived at. This helps in writing answers during the Civil Services Mains examination.


Some magazines give you ample fodder to be utilized in mains answer writing, in the essay paper, and give facts for the preliminary examination.

  • These monthly magazines like “Yojana”, “Kurukshetra”, etc. give a detailed analysis on one or two issues relevant to the IAS exam syllabus every month.

Hence it is essential to choose one such magazine and read it on a monthly basis.

YouTube Videos

There are various YouTube channels dedicated to UPSC aspirants. Various innovative techniques and ways are used to bring about clarity in concepts as well as issues in the news. Aspirants have to make judicious use of these videos during the IAS preparation.

Rajya Sabha TV debates:

Aspirants might find it monotonous to study for long hours continuously. The current affairs preparation need not solely depend on books and newspapers.

  • Aspirants can find respite in the electronic medium as well. Debates like “The Big Picture” that involve veterans, government officials, and people with expertise in the subject matter, provide various perspectives and dimensions to a topic.
  • This might help aspirants in looking at the issue from various angles which is expected in the UPSC Civil Services examination.

To get conceptual clarity on various issues in news and for Current Affairs preparation subscribe to the Byju’s YouTube channel. Also, download the Byju’s learning app that gives you free access to 60+ hours of video lectures related to UPSC Civil Services Exam.

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