Best Marketing Strategies For App Promotion In 2020


When you’ve created a mobile app, it’s just the beginning. There is still a lot to do before and after the launch of your application. Without proper promotion, nobody will find out about your software. It really doesn’t matter how great your application is, if nobody has heard about it and cannot find it online. No installs – no earnings. So what is the reason? That is why the marketing strategy is inevitable but not extremely difficult if you know what to do. If not, in this article you will find a lot of important information. 

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Build a User-Friendly Website. 

Creating the website should be at the top of your list of mobile app marketing tactics. That should be a resource where people can find all the needed information about your mobile product. Having a website is very important for SEO purposes as well. You will need to create a blog section with an engaging and keywords-optimized content to rank on the 1st page in Google SERPs. You can also add important information about the application’s features, update news, live chat, etc. One of the most common questions that people ask in Iran is Where does caviar come from?

Find Influencers on Instagram or Other Social Media Platforms. 

Look for bloggers with the right audience from your niche, who can make a review of your application. You need to make an interesting offer for them as bloggers rarely do such stuff for free. They can review your app, or promote it somehow on their social media accounts. This way the relevant audience can notice the advertisement of your mobile product. It doesn’t guarantee you thousands of downloads but there is a high chance that someone who will become interested in your app will recommend it to others making a viral effect. Instagram is a huge platform to be noticed nowadays, so don’t waste this chance.

Launch Your Application on ProductHunt and Similar Sites. 

There are special websites for launching new products or their significant updates to attract first users and make a buzz around your application. One of them is ProductHunt. Take care of graphics, descriptions, and other materials on your app. You can upload your application by yourself becoming a “maker” or ask someone who has a lot of followers to “hunt” your application from their account. Every day the community of site members are voting for the product of the day. If you get lucky and take one of the first five places, your product will be on a distribution list of ProductHunt making it more visible for potential users and creating buzz around it. 

Post on Questions & Answers Platforms.

It is also recommended to be active on Q&A platforms to attract and engage your target audience to try your application. On Quora, you can search for threads that are relevant to your app’s niche. Search for relevant questions from people who are seeking the answers to a specific problem, which your application can actually solve. For example, if you have a language learning app, you need to search for education-related topics and give recommendations on how to learn fast, what are the easiest languages to learn, or what are the best learning techniques. The idea is not only to promote your product but also to give value to its potential users. On Reddit you should find the right communities, so you can attract your audience with interesting and useful information.

The above-mentioned strategies will not require a large marketing budget but they are time-consuming and will require a dedicated team. However, the result is worth the effort.

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