Best Intranet Website For Companies


Intranet Website for Companies

Intranet platforms are being increasingly adopted by businesses and organizations from all sectors of the industry to facilitate their working processes as well as employee engagement. One such popular solution is intranet website that acts as a private network of an enterprise that is accessible with one URL form anywhere. Thus, not only the in-house employees but the remote members associated with the company can also share information and resources through this common platform.

This makes it particularly effective for companies that want to connect employees from different branches at a global level and enhance the communication network. The exclusive accessibility of this platform for only the restricted group of people differentiates intranet website from the conventional websites.

Why Companies are shifting to Intranet Website Designing?

Many organizations are now considering adopting their own company intranet site owing to the numerous advantages offered by this platform. The benefits of having an online intranet include the following:

  • Cost effective

Adopting an intranet site not only saves the investment on hardware equipments and labor for installing them, but also saves the cost of installing multiple applications such as blogs, content management systems, and so on. This concise platform houses all these additional tools on a single platform. Another lucrative aspect of intranet website is that it consumes less power to operate and thus reduces energy bills of the company.

  • Management

A good intranet design would make it easier for the managerial department of an organization to browse through the activities and work of the employees, thereby making their management easier.

  • User Needs

In addition to fulfilling business objectives, an intranet website design should be personalized and equipped with user-friendly tools to match different roles and skills of employees.

Features of an Effective Intranet Website Design

When it comes to designing an intranet, there needs to be a totally different approach to design than a conventional website. Here are the features and best intranet designs that one should aim for during the intranet development process:

Easy UI

Since the fundamental purpose of an intranet is to readily provide information to the employees and managers, the user interface of the intranet should be as simple, clear, and concise as possible. Top intranet sites ensure that the employees can easily browse through the platform on desktop as well as mobiles to access regular updates and information posted on it.

Simple URL

The target audience of an intranet being its employees, the feature of an effective company intranet site is that it has a simple URL that can be easily remembered and accessed by the employees.

Corporate Identity

Some great intranet designs are marked by a strong and dynamic visual identity that optimally reflects the brand and objectives of the company. The focus is not only on style but on functionality that enhances its usability and helps achieve the specific goals of the company.

Single Sign On

Top intranet designs feature an SSO or Single Sign On tool wherein instead of having multiple passwords, all employees can access the intranet through a single password.

Employee Dashboard

A seamless dashboard is another useful feature which can consist of quick links to readily used tools such as posts, announcements, work reports, directory, and so on.

Social Touch

In addition to enhancing functionality, an intranet is also a platform to augment employee engagement. Features such as birthdays and anniversary reminders, and quote of the day can add that social touch to the working environment.

Why Creative Social Intranet?

Creative Web Mall is a reputed company known for providing some of the best intranet websites installed in either local, cloud, or hybrid and with quick roll-out time. Their intranet solutions are easy to use, secure, and affordable even for small scale businesses. A prominent feature is that they provide customized solutions that best match the user interface and objectives of a company.

Creative Social Intranet Software is a business intranet portal that provides companies the ability to share ideas, post documents, merge schedules, upload photos & collaborate on projects within a single secure intranet portal.

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