Benches and Low Stools – New Trend in Dining


It seems that the trending style in dining tables and chairs have slowly become more casual. Gone are the very formal large tables with the high back chairs. Instead now you are seeing what is called the dining benches – which is a dining table that is lower and more casual. These dining benches can have sides the fold down and then folds up if more people are at the table. The chairs or low stools bring the entire dining experience down a bit making it more casual and comfortable.

Dining furniture

All the dining furniture is lower and can just barely be noticed but when you are eating dinner. These are a more causal feel about all the dining furniture. Dining furniture includes multi-functional servers and buffets, chairs and low stools. The tables come in a variety of round or rectangular dining benches all of which can be expanded to fit the entire whole family and then folded back up, for causal meal for just two.

Less room

All of this has trended to match the homes that are becoming small, often with no dining room. These dining benches and low stools can make any room a dining area such as part of the living area. Gone are the day of the grand, formal dining rooms used only for special occasions; today’s dining areas are far more casual and used much more often. Wood styles, finishes, table shapes and chair types all show this more relaxed feel, where comfort and usability are most important.

Everything available

There is currently a wide selection of casual dining furniture all multi-functional, with buffets and servers, chairs and stools and a variety of rectangular or round dining benches. No matter your style, you will find casual dining room furniture that fits your space and vision. The traditional dining room has come down a notch – more casual and fun.

Formal dinner parties

With formal dinner parties giving way to lighter, faster and more casual meals or buffets, the furniture better suits this style of entertaining and is becoming more increasingly popular. Styles are changing and if you want to update your home, change your dining style.

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