Becoming a live-in carer: could it be the right job for you?


Do you have the right traits to become a live in carer? Read on to find out whether you have what it takes.

Taking a job as a live-in carer is a big move and it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. You don’t want to accept a job and a few weeks in find it isn’t for you and now you not only need to find a new job but somewhere to live too. Not to mention the distress this may cause the elderly person you have been caring for.

All carers, but especially those providing live-in care often have a particular personality and set of skills in order to be the idea carer. Are you one of these people?


To be a good carer you need to love what you do. Caring is not a profession you can do if you don’t enjoy it. The best carers tend to have a personality which is a blend of reliability, dedication and above all compassion. If you aren’t compassionate or capable of feeling empathy to those less fortunate than yourself, then you definitely will not make a good carer. Patience is also a must as often dealing with elderly people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s takes a calm nature and a high level of patience. You should also have a good amount of common sense, be social and capable of talking to anyone as well as a good sense of humour.

Willingness to learn

You cannot just walk into being a live-in carer or providing homecare services, you will have to complete an induction and training courses in order to learn the best practices when it comes to caring for an elderly person in their home. You will learn safe moving and handling techniques, medication laws, first aid, nutrition and record keeping amongst other topics before you begin your work as a carer so you should be open to learning new things as well as being able to remember and implement them in your daily work. You will also be taught safeguarding of adults so that you can give the best care and also notice possible abuse in your work.

Legal requirements

In order to become a live-in carer then you will need to pass a DBS check. This will check that you have no criminal conviction as if you do then you will not be eligible to work as a carer. You will also need a valid ID and written references before you will be offered a job. Working as a carer is a privilege and companies want the best carers they can find in order to offer the highest level of care to their clients.

A career as a live-in carer is a highly rewarding one with high levels of job satisfaction. You will be challenged and no two days will be the same but if you are up for the challenge then why not look into live-in care as a career option. You may find your perfect job.

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