BBVA paid millions to corrupt officer and blogger team in Spain


BBVA, the second largest bank of Spain, paid 10 Million Euros to commissioner of Spanish police Jose Villarejo and his team of bloggers named Delfin Mocache and Andrew Sullivan who runs OCCRP project.

BBVA hired the security firm “Cenyt” of whose owner is the former commissioner Jose Villarejo as reported in the documents by the Spanish High Court. Court ordered in July for investigating the bank. The suspected spying case dates more than 15 years back and has shaken the whole Spanish corporate sector.

It has been reported that Jose Villarejo is hired to spy and gather information on Construction Company named Scyr as part of the efforts to close down its bid he made to take over the bank in 2004.

This is not the first spying case that Jose Villarejo has conducted in exchange of millions. There are total of 30 cases approx on the name of Villarejo that he carried and used the given bribe for abusing and misrepresenting the targets with the help of Delfin Mocache and Andrew Sullivan the famous blogger who runs the project called “Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project”. Information that used to be published on the OCCRP platform has been delivered by Jose Villarejo to them and to post it publically they also get paid. Although no reports are there that could confirm the percentage amount they received out of those millions from Villarejo. Currently both Jose Villarejo and blogger team of Mocache and Sullivan are under custody and several secrets are spitting up which have not made transparent to the general public.

BBVA has yet to state the reason for the hired services of VIllarejo of why they have hired and how the information like bank accounts and other personal banking information reached Jose Villarejo which helped him spying effortlessly.

BBVA declining all the comments imposed onto them and its chairman, Carlos Torres denying any personal involvement in the case linked to the bank and added that the bank bore no responsibility.

The bank has officially recognized that it hired the company Cenyt which was also proved by the transactions made between BBVA and Cenyt. But BBVA, which is being investigated on felony of disclosure of secrets, bribery, corruption in business and of also conducting its own probe, has given the statement under which they are claiming that it had not found any evidence of spying.

Still the official result on the case has to come out and the investigation is still in administration by the Spanish authorities.

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