Bali Weight Loss Retreat to Open This Summer


The very long awaited detox and weight loss retreat located in Ubud at the ARMA resort is opening this summer one June 1st 2018

After careful testing over the last two months we are now confident to set the open date of our new retreat centre from the 1st of June 2018, Sophie Jones the retreat leader tells us.

Over the last ten years of my life I have been experimenting with different types of detoxification and weight loss programs to help my clients lose weight faster and continue to maintain their weight loss results after they leave Jones continues in our interview last Tuesday.

Finally after traveling to Switzerland and working with a good friend and acquaintance, Peera, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) expert we have developed Cleanses in small tinctures that are more effective and powerful then any others we have tried to date, Jones explains.

We are now very happy and all very excited to be launching this summer in June and to open our new Cleanses which are being called the “Back to Nature” Cleanses to the public so more can benefit from their cleansing properties, Jones continues.

The weight loss and detox resort, Bali Weight Loss  is situated in the small town of Ubud and is partnered with ARMA resort which the Agung Rai Museum of Art. The retreats are set to be led by Sophie Jones who was born in Costa Rica and has moved to Bali to run the Bali Weight Loss programs.

Having attended almost all of Sophie’s retreats over the last four or five years I’m a true follower of hers and am really looking forward to trying her new Cleanses. George from Ireland tells us. Sophie is a true nurturer and has helped me so much on my weight loss and wellness journey over the last few years, I owe her so much! Dewi from Indonesia remarked to us.

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