Bahria Town Stays Untouched and Unaffected During the First Spells of Monsoon Rains


Bahria Town Karachi can certainly be quoted as an epitome of excellence, advanced infrastructure and modernized town planning. This same brilliance was recently been put to test during the long spells of monsoon rains and it completely lived up to its stature. Just as everyone expected, there were no water logging or puddles, neither there were any overflowing gutters. Instead the roads were shining like bright meadows and the rains made them look greener in the process. All the water has been properly drained out and there weren’t any sort of power outage in the whole duration. Bahria Town Karachi, whilst being a meticulous organization, has always focused towards proper utilization of natural resources. In order to get the same done with proper care, a 24/7 Sewerage Treatment Plant has been established within the start of the project in order to use all the grey water for the construction and horticultural purpose. This way, bahria town has ensured that the fresh water is properly conserved and saved for future purpose.

Bahria Town

Bahria Town has further built 12 dams in order to collect all the rain and storm water. If we talk about the recent downpour in Karachi, Bahria Town Karachi was successful in collecting around 167.6 million gallon water. This is surely a proof and lively testament of their efforts to conserve and utilize water in the best manner possible. We can mainly credit the same to the undying efforts of Malik Riaz Hussain and his son ahmed ali riaz malik who have done every bit to secure the environment in each of their projects. Whilst founding Bahria town, Malik Riaz has stated that his main aim is to provide quality and affordable housing to each and every citizen of Pakistan. This further needs to be done without disturbing the flora and fauna of the country.

It’s mainly due to the exquisite planning and state of the art infrastructure, that the modernized city of Bahria Town Karachi came unaffected during the recent downpours. Almost every service, be it power or water or else, stayed  uninterrupted and the connected residents stayed unaffected whilst resuming through to their daily services with the schools, offices, hospitals, parks, Cine gold cinema, Danzoo or at the Carnival. So, it has finally been proved that be it any season or situation, Bahria town is always prepared with its world class infrastructure facilities.

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