Avail Shampoo For Oily Dandruff Scalp To Reduceirritations


Dandruff is a very common issue of the scalp for treating itching, flaking, and scaling. When people are affected by dandruff, they will be irritated by itchy scalp. If you try to scratch it, the white mass will try to come out. Now, the question is when this problem of oily dandruff arises. Any person may be affected by oily dandruff as this is a very common problem of the scalp. This problem may arise due to the excess production of skin oil or sebum. Though oily scalp is not a disease, still people should be aware of the problem and the ways to control it. Therefore, it is wise to use shampoo for oily dandruff scalp. People may use ketomac shampoo for reducing dandruff on oily scalp. After using for a sufficient period, dandruff can be removed from the scalp.

Causes of oily scalp

The condition of dandruff on the oily scalp may arise due to various reasons. The condition may arise due to the excess production of oil from the skin. This oil can be deposited on white flaky mass to create a mess on the scalp. Another reason may be the deposition of dead skin cells on the scalp. Many factors in the body can boost up the problems of excess oil or sebum generation or deposition of dead cells on the scalp. The oil dandruff can be exhibited due to various reasons as follows:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Skin conditions
  • Certain diseases
  • Malassezia-this is one sort of fungus infection.It feeds on the oil secreted by hair follicles. If secretion is high, the growth of fungi is high and irritation on the scalp will be enhanced.If growth of fungi is high, the dead cells of fungi will be deposited on scalp and can form white mass.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Diet problem
  • Dry scalp skin
  • Anxiety and stress

Treating dandruff with shampoo

If the oily scalp with dandruff is produced, people may try to use shampoo for oily and dandruff scalp to reduce irritations. There are various shampoos in market for controlling oily and dandruff scalp. But, ketomac shampoo has been proved as the best. The product contains component ketoconazole which can kill fungi by attacking the cell membrane. Therefore, the growth of fungi is arrested. So, ketomac shampoo will reduce dandruff by the action of ketoconazole. This component is contained in the aqueous suspension of ketomac shampoo as 2% by concentration.


People may overlook the problems or may try to improve the oily scalp. If the scalp is dry and filled with dandruff, it will be a risky case. It is better to cure oily dandruff scalp with proper products to reduce it. To lead a healthy life, ketomac shampoo can be used for oily dandruff scalp. Dry dandruff scalp may exhibit side effects also. Therefore, ketomac shampoo can be used by online shopping at affordable rates. Frequent use can reduce the growth of dandruff. Affected persons can get relief from itchy irritations from the scalp and can lead a healthy happier life.

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