Australia’s Local Travel Industry Booms Due To Pandemic


The coronavirus outbreak has destroyed the dreams of multiple travellers all across the globe. The last year was the worst that the travel and tourism industry has ever gone through.

The tourism industry of Australia has been completely battered, but the good news is that it is not broken yet. The nation’s authorities realised that they need to be flexible, innovate, and recognise the incredible value the travellers bring if they wish to retain the employment of thousands of individuals.

The Australians going local on regional outback tours or exerting substantial efforts to stimulate domestic tourism, probably because the international borders are sealed. The ones undertaking inland trips can deliver billions of revenue to the leading operators.

Mentioned below are a few must-to-do activities in Australia. Please check them out right now.

Hop on a Private Yacht and Explore the Islands

Whitsunday Islands is known for offering some of the world’s most remarkable sailing with tranquil seas, perfect winds, and exceptionally phenomenal scenery. You can hire a boat, stock it with essentials, and sail off to admire the sunset. If you have no prior sailing experience, there are plenty of companies ready to provide you with a yacht and safety measures.

Ride a Luxurious Train Called the Ghan throughout the Continent

Based on the Afghan camel riders, who used to roam through the middle of Australia, this memorable train journey encompasses almost 2979 kilometres of mountains, scorched desert, tropics, and gorges. The Ghan takes nearly three days to cross the entire continent – starting from Adelaide to Darwin, and vice versa. You are free to visit the fascinating stops in Alice and Katherine Springs.

Take a Culinary Tour around Tasmania

As large travel companies collapse, small ones are using SEO to drive substantial traffic. It is through one such company that many people came to know about the culinary tour around Tasmania. You can have fresh bagels and doughnuts for breakfast. All of the meals are made of local produce. Tasmania has gained extensive recognition for refreshing wines. Do not miss out on the signature variety – pinot noir.

Ride Water Slides and Roller Coasters on Gold Coast

When it comes to having fun, nothing can really beat the amazing theme parks of Gold Coast. They offer exhilarating rides and water slides throughout some unique wildlife. Do not worry about accommodation since there are several places – some in Gold Coast, and some at proximity.

Have Dinner under the Stars at the Uluru

Finally, yet importantly, the amazing dining experience at Uluru is what allowed Australia’s domestic travel industry to remain relevant amidst pandemics. You can watch the sunset and then savor a delectable feast on top of a dune while admiring the stars. Then cap off the night with stories around crackling campfire.

The Australians are known for wanderlust – it is basically an integral part of their national identity. They were not ready to spend most of their time at home even though the virus has wreaked the ultimate havoc. They decided to opt for trips within the country to escape the four walls and taste some normality.

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