Artificial Intelligence (AI) Taking Over The World


Artificial Intelligence, as we call it AI is taking over the world ? This is the only question revolving around the tech world these days. The most important question remains un-answered as WE The Humans are still being replaced by machines in many fields.

Today the humans have become obsolete in many fields of manufacturing, bio-technology, chemical engineering and best software technologies.


The fields mentioned above are the most effected ones by AI, but one specific field which seems to have taken the most pain is Software Technology. As they are the most changing set of technology and they have the pressure to keep on changing and keep updating themselves in this competitive world. They have to do so in order to develop the best software in the market.

Now everywhere we can see chat bots and bots like IBM Watson . We have to make sure that we as consumer of the software keep on changing ourselves. We have to start developing or habits like we are the owner and using these is just a piece of cake.

One of the most predominant media hous recently interviewed a great personality and they exclaimed “Philosopher Nick Bostrom thinks we need to make sure that any future super-intelligent AI systems are “fundamentally on our side” and that such systems learn “what we value” before it gets out of hand – King Midas-style. ”

Speaking About Indian Context On AI

The recent developments in a country  like India suggest that rulers are nothing but human plug-ins reporting to an AI based in the U.S. Our government’s epic obsession with shoving Aadhaar down 125 crore gullets, not to mention its hyper evangelism about all things digital, make little sense from the point of view of human intelligence.


The aadhar was made mandatory to be created for each and every personal who is a citizen of India. There was no planning and no measures, but it was made compulsory. Aadhaar, GST, cashless, and Digital India make absolute sense from an AI perspective, for they are all mechanisms to transfer control from humans to algorithms.

We cannot by any means say that just by creating a Identity for each and every person , AI has taken over, but some where we can easily say that it has started.

Talking About AI In IBM

It is an open secret that IBM was taken over by AI at least a decade ago. They have been working on that since decades now. They have made huge advancements in the fields. From super computers to reducing the processing time to nano seconds, they have achieved it all.


Now put yourself in AI’s algorithmic shoes: if you wanted humanity to embrace AI, what kind of crusader would you make? You would create a superhuman intelligence that humans would regard not only with awe but also with affection.IBM has exactly done that as part of their AI Plan.

Something cute, aspirational and non-threatening, but also effective. You would create Tanmay and make him your advocacy lead. IBM has done exactly that by making Tanmay an IBM Champion. He is a small little kid who has been fed a little money and little technological knowledge and hence he has stated blabbering about the same things. And not my surprise, in all his public appearances he promotes two things: IBM and AI.

Good News : AI Will Not Be Able To Take Over

Just to share one of the example that has taken one of the most prominent tech giant on back foot was when they launched their on bot.

Microsoft unveiled an AI system on Twitter called Tay that was designed to mimic a 19-year-old American girl.Not to be surprised, it was twitter which came to our rescue. Users from all over the World started playing with the system.

Twitter users could tweet at Tay, and Microsoft said the AI system would learn from these interactions and eventually become better at communicating with humans. Here is the turn where everything started looking ugly. The company was forced to pull the plug on the experiment just 16 hours later, after the chatbot started spouting racist, misogynistic and sexually explicit messages.

Now the only solution was to issue a public apology, and they were forced to do the same. The company apologized profusely, blaming a “coordinated attack” on “vulnerabilities” and “technical exploits.”


One of the most well known researcher cum scientist has already mentioned, that AI will not be able to take over the world. All we need to do is to follow three basic principals of robotics.

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

According to him, till we are following this rule, we will never be taken over by any robot.

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