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Anabolic Steroid for Beginners

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General of the population that are not that well informed regarding the steroids are afraid of using one since the possibility of the development of adverse health effects. Well established side effects that have negative impacts on the health such as liver damage, constant headaches, hair loss and acnes that can be developed over time.

Regardless of the benefits that steroids can provide, side effects can dissuade any first timers to try out such product. And for those who are also set on using the product, extreme caution should be considered and consult a licensed physician to assure safe usage and cycle. There are also variants of steroids that are mild and safer to use for both males and females.

The Mild One

For beginners and doubtful due to the negative impact of the steroid in their body, they can use products containing Oxandrolone or more known with a brand name as Anavar. It is a very popular anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) derived from the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is chemically structured to pass through the liver to a certain degree. Therefore, it is a type of AAS that produces fast action effects but with a milder in comparison to other brands.

The anavar/oxandrolone is mostly used in the medical field as a weight gainer for patients that lost weight due to certain conditions such as chronic infection, surgery, osteoporosis, and exposure to corticosteroids medications.

Anabolic Rating

Even though the anabolic rating of the oxandrolone is weaker in comparison to other variants of the AAS, it still has a higher rating in comparison to natural testosterone. Hence, being branded weaker does not mean it is less effective.

Since it is milder and weaker DHT derived steroids but with the modification and alteration by incorporating oxygen, the potency of the product is still effective and becomes less toxic to the liver of the body. The possibility of developing short term and long term side effects lessen and much safer for beginners. It is also much safer for female users due to the how less potent the androgenic oxandrolone it possessed. It is responsible for masculine effect in females such as deepening of the voice, unnatural hair growth, disruption of the menstrual cycle and acnes.

 Function in Bodybuilding

Anavar is much effective in cutting muscle mass rather than gaining. It aims to make the body to possess much leaner mass without loss in strength and power. It is more effective in weight loss management and increasing the quality of the muscles. The most important function of it resides with the reduction of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). The lesser the SHBG, the more testosterone are free to bind with other important receptors such as the androgenic receptors of the muscles.

 Anavar also increases the nitrogen retention in the body which helps in the development of the muscle in a much more effective and faster state. Anavar also does not convert into estrogens in which prevent water retention that causes high blood pressure and development of Gynecomastia that mostly prevalent in males due to an increase of estrogens level. Therefore, it is the safest oral steroids that can be used by beginners if they want to supplement their bodybuilding activities.

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